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Restaurant Customers More Likely To Give Bad Reviews When It Is Raining

A study by the Ohio State University suggests that weather can affect people's moods and behaviors. Customers tended to have negative opinions about their dining experience if it was raining during their restaurant visit.

Earth/Environment April 22, 2019

Scientists Say Numerical Weather Forecasting Is Nearing Its Limits

Today, the weather forecast provides prediction to up to nine or 10 days. However, researchers proved that there is a limit to numerical weather prediction and it is almost within grasp.

Earth/Environment April 16, 2019

Scientists Unveil New Scale To Classify Strength Of Atmospheric River Storms

A new scale will determine whether atmospheric rivers will bring heavy rains over a long duration of time in the United States. The scale is based on the amount of water vapor pushed from the Pacific to the United States.

Earth/Environment February 7, 2019

Weather Forecasters Predict 'Weak' El Niño But It Hasn't Arrived Yet

The water of the Pacific Ocean is warming, but the atmosphere has not shifted to form an El Niño. Weather experts said that the weather phenomenon could trigger increased rainfall in parts of the United States that are experiencing drought.

Earth/Environment January 11, 2019

Scientists Find Possible Link Between US Tornadoes And Melting Sea Ice In The Arctic

Researchers from the University of Illinois have found a potential link between tornadoes in the United States and sea ice in the Arctic. The study seeks to explain decreased tornado activity using climate and weather data gathered over a 30-year period.

Earth/Environment August 9, 2018

Level Up! Silver Iodide-Laden Drone Brings Cloud Seeding Higher

Unmanned aircrafts find its new use in pulling out water from sky. Flying unmanned and at an altitude of 400 feet above icy mountains and dangerous terrains, it eliminates the risk of manned aircraft in conducting cloud seeding operation.

Robotics February 28, 2017

How Will A Backup Lightning Imaging Instrument Work In Space?

The backup Lightning Imaging Sensor is bound to space. It is on its way to the International Space Station for a two-year mission following the shutdown of the original LIS launched in 1997.

Space February 21, 2017

Looking For A Full-Fledged Weather App? Look No Further Than Facebook

Weather reports will now be accessible right inside the Facebook app, under the 'More' section. The company said it has already rolled the feature out to 95 percent of its user base.

Apps/Software February 9, 2017

Spotify Joins Forces With AccuWeather To Launch ‘Climatune’ Site That Plays Music Based On The Weather

Spotify and AccuWeather launched a new website that reveals what kind of music trends based on the weather in the user’s location.

Internet February 7, 2017

NOAA GOES-16 Satellite Sends Back First Images Of Earth And They Are Stunning

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration has released high-resolution images of the Earth taken by its advanced weather-tracking satellite, GOES-16, from outer space - and they're like heaven in high definition.

Space January 25, 2017

Got Back, Joint Pain? No, You Can't Blame The Weather For Them, Say Researchers

It might feel like it but, no, the weather has nothing to do with back or joint pain. Researchers carried out another study to show changes in temperature or humidity does not influence body pain.

Healthy Living/Wellness January 11, 2017

Heart Attack Risk Higher During Christmas Time: What Is Behind Spike In Cardiac Deaths During The Holidays?

Cold weather is widely blamed for the spike in heart-related deaths during the Christmas holiday, but a new study debunks this. What cause the increased cardiac deaths during the holidays?

Public Health December 25, 2016

Holiday Season Kills: Deaths Spike Between Christmas And New Year's Day

More people die of natural causes between Christmas day and New Year's day. What could be driving the spike in deaths during the holiday season?

Public Health December 22, 2016

Bermuda Triangle Mystery: Hexagonal Clouds May Explain Mysterious Disappearances Of Planes And Ships

Hexagonal clouds above the Bermuda triangle can produce powerful air currents and massive waves. These clouds could be the reason behind the mysterious disappearance of ships, planes and people in this area of the Atlantic Ocean.

Earth/Environment October 22, 2016

Weather And Chronic Pain: Smartphone Study Reveals Rain Can Worsen Body Aches

The Cloudy with a Chance of Pain study has found a link between weather and body pain. People suffering from arthritis or chronic pain experienced more frequent severe symptoms during rainy days.

Public Health September 8, 2016

Structure Of Cities May Affect Weather, Dispersal Of Air Pollutants

The structures of cities may affect the weather and dispersal of air pollutants, a new study has found. Research suggests that new weather prediction models should include this factor for better forecasting.

Earth/Environment May 24, 2016

Cola, The Messaging OS, Rolls Out Real-Time Weather Updates In Partnership With The Weather Channel

Upon receiving the Cola bubble, users can continue to ask, 'What's the weather like?' to get real-time updates.

Apps/Software May 13, 2016

United Arab Emirates Mulls Building Artificial Mountain To Change Weather, Bring Rain

It seldom rains in UAE, so the desert country wants to build an artificial mountain to alter the weather and induce rainfall. Will it work?

Earth/Environment May 5, 2016

Violent Tornadoes, Large Hail To Hit Central US: Tips To Prepare For Severe Weather

Violent tornadoes and hail larger than baseballs is expected to hit central U.S. beginning Tuesday, weather forecasters in Oklahoma warned. It is important for residents in forecast areas to prepare for severe weather.

Earth/Environment April 26, 2016

Scientists Measure Size Of Raindrops: Here's Why The Size Of Droplets Matter

A satellite that can measure Earth’s precipitation tells us why raindrop size matters. It can greatly influence weather forecasting, strength of winds and power of storms.

Animals April 4, 2016

Cold Weather May Cause Spike In Football Injuries

NFL players tend to sustain concussions and ankle injuries when the temperature is 50 degrees Fahrenheit or colder. What drives the spike in reported football injuries during colder games?

April 2, 2016

Tom Hiddleston Delivers Stormy Weather Forecast And Blames Thor

While in Chicago promoting a movie, Tom Hiddleston, known for his role as Loki in the Marvel movies, delivered a bad weather report for the area. He placed the blame on Thor.

Movies/TV Shows April 1, 2016

Man-Made Climate Change Linked To Extreme Weather Events

Man-made climate change is said to be connected to extreme weather events. A group of top experts looked into the relationship between the two and were able to rank how weather events are linked with global warming.

Earth/Environment March 12, 2016

East Coast Experiences Freezing Valentine's Day But Record-Breaking Cold Is Not Yet Over

Extremely bitter and biting temperatures will continue to sweep over the East Coast until Tuesday, meteorologists revealed. Experts warn the public to be wary of frostbite.

Earth/Environment February 15, 2016

ISRO Scientists Build Weather Satellite At 60 Percent Of Cost By Recycling

India is currently building a cost-effective weather satellite that would help predict cyclones. It seems nearly impossible, but by using scraps from other missions, the satellite is close to being finished.

Earth/Environment February 6, 2016

NOAA And NASA Teaming Up To Study Strongest El Niño

NOAA and NASA joined forces to conduct a research on the ongoing El Niño phenomenon. The weather system brewing in the Pacific caused a dry and wet winter in most of U.S. West Coast.

Earth/Environment February 6, 2016

Smartphone App May Help Doctors Find Link Between Weather And Arthritis

A first-of-its-kind smartphone study in the UK will seek to find the link between pain and weather changes. People with arthritis and other conditions - even those without pain - can participate in Cloudy with a Chance of Pain.

Life January 27, 2016

Insurance Company Pays University To Help Mitigate Climate Change Risks

Intact Financial Corp. will fund a new climate change mitigation center in cooperation with scientists at the University of Waterloo. The center will be an incubator for new measures against climate change, the company said.

Earth/Environment December 5, 2015

Snowstorm Forces Authorities To Cancel More Than 100 Flights In Colorado

Denver International Airport cancels over 100 flights as a massive snow storm covered mountains and turned visibility to less than 1/4 of a mile. Strong winds of up to 60 mph were also felt overnight.

Earth/Environment November 17, 2015

Storm Brings One Foot Of Snow On Rockies, Threatens Hail, Winds And Thunderstorms Further East

A fast-moving storm system has hit the Rockies with one foot of snow. It is now threatening several states in the Midwest with hail, winds and thunderstorms as it moves east.

Society November 12, 2015

New Weather Website Also Offers Climate Change Forecast

New weather website doesn't just give the local weather forecast, but also allows you to view forecasts for the far future, showing how climate change impacts weather.

Earth/Environment November 6, 2015

IBM Buys The Weather Company’s Digital Assets To Have Watson Host Forecast Data In 'Internet Of Things' Expansion

IBM has acquired The Weather Company’s digital assets, which include and its apps, to further expand on its ‘Internet of Things’ initiative with Watson A.I.

Deals October 28, 2015

How's The Weather? Crowdsourced Weather App Tells You Exactly What

Sunshine Technologies launched its interactive weather application on iTunes. Users are in for a treat with personalized and more accurate weather forecasts

Apps/Software October 10, 2015

NASA Satellite Maps Reveal Flood And Drought Stricken Areas In The US

With the help of satellites that orbit the Earth to specifically measure cloud cover, ground water and precipitation, scientists are able to assess current weather situations and predict future drought and rainfall activity not just in the U.S. but all over the world.

Earth/Environment August 18, 2015

Star Wars All-In-One App Does Selfies, Lightsabers, Comic-Con AR & More

It's the app no Star Wars fan should be without. This one stop spot is loaded with features like themed selfies, animated GIFs, weather, lightsaber training, augmented reality features and much more.

Geek July 8, 2015

Heat Waves In Europe Caused By Climate Change Says Scientists

Europe suffered from tremendous heat waves, even setting new record highs. According to scientists, these surges of weather pattern alterations may be caused by climate change.

Earth/Environment July 5, 2015

These Airport Pods Simulate The Weather At Your Destination

Stockholm's Arlanda Airport is featuring three climate-controlled rooms that simulate the weather at your destination, allowing you to experience the world from an airport pod.

FUTURE TECH June 16, 2015

Scorching Heat Wave Melts Roads And Claims Hundreds Of Lives In India

An intense heat wave sweeping across India is so hot that it is melting roads and claiming the lives of hundreds in the process.

May 29, 2015

Ocean Spray Is Not Just Picture Perfect, It Influences Climate Change: Here's How

The composition of sea spray aerosol particles are influenced by both chlorophyll-a concentrations and microbial degradation.

Earth/Environment May 19, 2015

Scientists Manage To 'Create' Images From Thunder Sound Waves

Scientists create images from thunder sound waves. The latest study will help scientists in improved weather forecasting.

Energy May 6, 2015

Cosmic Rays From Exploding Stars May Help Us Understand Lightning

Everyone has seen lightning, but nobody knows where they come from. Scientists might be on to something as they discover a connection between lightning and cosmic rays.

Space April 25, 2015

Scientists Pinpoint Strange 'Blob' Of Warm Water As Culprit Behind Weird Weather

The weather has been weird for a while and one of the reasons may sound strange. Scientists point to a blob of warm water as an influence.

Geek April 11, 2015

8 Signs That The First Day Of Spring Has Arrived

March 20 marks the first day of spring, but you can also tell spring have arrived by these eight signs.

Feature March 20, 2015

Sure, This Winter Was Cold - But It Was The Warmest Winter On Record

Winter of 2014-15 the hottest since record keeping began in 1880, NOAA report says. 2015 could be on track for the warmest year ever recorded, experts say.

March 18, 2015

Alaska's Iditarod Trail Sled Dog Race Moves Further Up North Due To Lack Of Snow

Apparently, Alaska is not always the snowiest place as the lack of snow is impacting this year's Iditarod Trail Sled Dog Race. Do they want some of the Northeast's snow?

Internet Culture March 6, 2015

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