Snugly wedged among the features that Niantic Labs announced for the Pokémon GO Valentine event is the ability to catch more pink Pokémon in the wild. They will come in different hues, so to avoid confusion, we hunted the monsters that qualify to help you catch them all.

The monsters we were able to round up could be classified into three: confirmed, probable, and maybes.

Confirmed Pink Pokémon

Niantic has, of course, identified Chansey and Clefable in the official Valentine's Day event announcement, but we were able to confirm several other pink creatures that have been caught loitering about. These include Clefairy, Exeggcute, and Jigglypuff.

Now, if you are lucky or simply persistent, there are at least two other super rare pink monsters waiting for you aside from Chansey. These include Lickitung and Porygon.

The Probable Bunch

There are monsters that ought to be included in this list just because they are, well, pink. It's just that they have not been officially confirmed yet or reported to be caught by trainers as of this writing. Slowpoke and Slowbro are cases in point. You can also throw Wigglytuff in the mix.

Some pink monsters are also off limits. These are those that are covered by regional lock such as Mr. Mime. Those living outside of locked locations will easily snag one as a matter of course.

To address the elephant in the room: yes, Mew is also pink, but this legendary creature is highly unlikely to pop up, much less have a higher spawn rate to help spread the love. Previous events have already proven this.

Hatch Only

Don't waste time hunting for some pink monsters such as Cleffa, Igglybuff, and Smoochum. You can spend hours running around, but they are not likely going to spawn for you during the event. The reason is that you can only hatch these monsters. Hopefully, you don't have to crack thousands of eggs to get these creatures.

Generation 2 Pink Pokémon

By the end of last year, the Silph Road has uncovered Generation 2 monsters in Pokémon GO's latest build. These include pink ones, and their number is quite remarkable. The code purportedly hides Blissey, Corsola, Flaaffy, Hoppip, Miltank, Slowking, and Snubbull.

These monsters have been lurking behind the scenes for some time already. If Niantic is feeling the love, however, some of these creatures could also get unleashed in the weeklong festivities at Pokémon GO.

Remember that the Valentine event went live Feb. 8 11:00 A.M. PST. You have until Feb. 15, 11:00 A.M. PST, to collect all these pink monsters. In addition to the high spawn rates, you can also take advantage of the longer Lure Modules so you can draw more Pokémon.

So grab your Pokémon GO Plus and happy hunting!

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