Despite being very vocal about his problems with streaming services in the past, Prince's catalogue of music is making a comeback on a few platforms.

Prince's music will return to multiple streaming service including Spotify this Sunday, allowing fans to stream many of his popular tracks like "Purple Rain" and "Kiss."

The music will be available the same day the artist will pay tribute to the late singer during the 59th annual Grammy Awards.

Up until this point, Tidal held the exclusive rights to many of Prince's music. This is because the popular recording artist decided to pull his work from many of the others like Spotify in his fight for fair compensation for artists.

Instead, Prince had a deal to stream his music on Tidal, Jay Z's platform he praised for more accurately compensating artists. It was on Tidal that Prince released his LP Hit n Run, Hit n Run Phase Two, and other exclusives.

Now following his untimely death, those in charge of Prince's estate have agreed to have his music return to the platforms he was so against.

This news comes after things got ugly between Tidal and Prince's estate, who took the company to court over alleged copyright infringement. The estate claimed that Tidal streamed his music without permission, and that there was never a exclusivity deal in writing.

Tidal disputed these claims and in turn claimed the estate was in negotiations to make deals with other streaming services.

Then the estate sold the rights to 25 of Prince's albums that were recorded after 1995, along with his vault of music that includes previously unheard songs, outtakes and live recordings to Universal Music.

Now that Universal Music is also set to release music from Prince's vault, it seemed like a good time for the estate to make streaming deals (even though Spotify began bragging it was getting Prince's music back in January via purple billboards in New York).

As a result, Spotify users will be able to stream all of Prince's music featured on albums released from 1978 to 1996 starting Sunday.

Along with Spotify, Prince's music will also be added to Apple Music, Amazon, iHeartRadio, Pandora and Napster.

Prince will get a special tribute on iHeartRadio, with the platform turning purple for the late singer. The streaming service will also have an "iHeartPrince" station dedicated the artist. Here fans can hear interviews with Prince and with other artists on how he inspired their own careers.

Music included with this deal with Universal is not included in what's available to stream.

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