In the near future, mechanical beasts will lord over nature.

Sony Interactive Entertainment released four new trailers for its upcoming PlayStation 4 exclusive title, the post-apocalyptic open world RPG, Horizon Zero Dawn. Simply dubbed as "The Machines," this series of trailers will tease gamers as Horizon approaches its North America release on Feb. 28.

The trailers showcased new monsters that gamers will face in-game. The trailers look like military intel reports, showing the enemy's profile, strengths and weaknesses and tactics for defeating it.

Mechanical Monstes

Previous Horizon Zero Dawn gameplay videos revealed the robotic beasts which Aloy, the game's heroine, will encounter such as the Tallneck, a giant giraffe-like creature with a disc-head, which she can ride on to reveal parts of the map.

Also shown: Broadhead, cattle-like creature that Aloy can literally "Override" and use as a mount; Scrapper, crab-like monster that scavenge "dead" machines; and Watcher, a velociraptor-esque creature that alerts nearby monsters of her presence.

Thunderjaw: T-Rex Of The Future

One trailer showcased the Thunderjaw, the "poster monster" shown in early promotional materials. It is a Tyrannosaurus Rex-looking creature with huge hind legs and monstrous mandibles. It shoots lasers through its mouth, hence the name. It also wields machine guns and disc launchers. In the trailer, Aloy is shown defeating this beast by shooting down its disc launcher and using it against the Thunderjaw itself.

Stormbird: Terror From Above

Dangers abound in Horizon Zero Dawn, such as the one posed by the Stormbird. It is a bird-like monstrosity that can rain down Thunder Bombs and Hurricane Blast. With a wingspan that seems to stretch forever, it can fly high then slam down on you with a Thunder Crash. Aloy can put the Stormbird down with a well-timed arrow through its wing engines.

Behemoth: Lumbering Transport Beasts

As the name implies, a Behemoth is a giant four-legged beast that travels in herds. It seems docile, but when provoked, can hurl boulders or smash you with its Gravity Purge. This titanic buffalo-like beast can be destroyed by shooting the Cryo Canisters on its hindside, or by dismantling the transport container on its belly.

Snapmaw: Danger In The Water

Horizon Zero Dawn boasts a sprawling world filled with lush green fields and forests. It also has rivers and lakes. And when there's water, there's danger, especially when Snapmaw is around — a giant crocodile creature with wide gaping mouth that screams death. Fast and agile, it can lunge itself forward and snap you with its death jaws. Step back and it will shoot cold projectiles called Freeze Burst. Aloy can terminate this crocodilian menace by shooting its Cryo Sacs and freezing it.

Horizon Zero Dawn is available now for preorder. It will launch on Feb. 28.

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