If you have purchased the 2016 MacBook Pro, chances are you have been sorely disappointed with its battery life.

Consumer Reports even withheld its recommendation after a series of product testing revealed the laptop's weak battery performance.

Battery Fix

At this point, Apple should be working on technologies and software tweaks to address the battery problem. This could include the recent report that Cupertino is developing a proprietary chip that would take some of the burden off of the device's Intel processor. Its relevance rests on how such technology will purportedly shoulder some low-power burden. It is expected to improve the overall battery capacity of the device.

A more immediate battery fix was also released last month, the macOS Sierra 10.12.3, which is said to have quashed bugs that drain the MacBook Pro's battery.

Unfortunately for some users, the fix might have done little to improve the laptop's juice. In this case, here are some tricks that will let you extend the battery of your 2016 MacBook Pro for up to 12 hours.

Use Safari Instead Of Chrome, Other Browsers

I know, Google has been releasing updates that increasingly boost Chrome's efficiency. However, Safari will still perform best for your MacBook in terms of power usage mainly because the program was specifically designed not to use the laptop's AMD Graphics processor. So even if you are browsing graphic-heavy web pages such as Google Maps, you won't be consuming a huge amount of power.

Keep Background Clean

Close any browser tabs that you are no longer using. You can also do this for running applications. While you are not momentarily using their interface, they continue to eat up battery as they are still active in the background.

On Watching Videos

One trick to save more MacBook Pro battery is by watching videos in full-screen mode. While you're at it, it is also advisable to deactivate the closed captioning. These tricks will earn you 45 to 60 more minutes from your device.

All these workarounds are designed to achieve one objective, which is to ensure that your 2016 MacBook Pro remains in a low power usage condition. The reason, according to Mashable, is that Apple has built the laptop to draw significantly decreased power when it is within this state.

Other workarounds are quite common knowledge already. You should know, for example, that you can save power by lowering the brightness level of your display. You should also unplug dongles and peripherals when they are not being used. A number of these require chips to process files.

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