RingPlus Shutdown Update: Deadline Extended To Port To Ting And Other Alternatives


RingPlus Wireless service customers have had the deadline extended for their service as they await a mass migration to alternative wireless service Ting. Customers of RingPlus now have until Feb. 21 to continue receiving service on their number via the virtual wireless carrier on the Sprint network.

RingPlus Wireless Service Shutting Down

We recently brought you the news that the RingPlus virtual wireless carrier was shutting down and that service to its over 90,000 customers was about to be cut off via its partner network Sprint. RingPlus has sued Sprint in federal court alleging fraud and that Sprint entered its agreement with RingPlus in order to steal its proprietary advertisement-based business model and patents.

We also reported that after initially leaving customers on their own to find another wireless service provider, RingPlus entered an agreement with Ting, another virtual wireless carrier that operates on the Sprint network, to migrate all RingPlus numbers to its former competitor, along with a $35 service credit per line. As part of the agreement, Sprint had agreed to continue service to RingPlus customers past the initial Feb. 11 deadline, but customers were not informed as to how long that continuance would remain in effect.

All Numbers Safe Until Feb. 21 As Porting Deadline Extended

Now, Ting has announced that RingPlus customers' numbers are safe until Feb. 21 and that it expects to have all RingPlus numbers ported to Ting by that date. In addition, RingPlus has created free or extremely low cost plans to tide over customers who are no longer covered by their prepaid or "top up" balances on the carrier so that they may continue service as usual on the network until the migration takes place.

Customers have also been advised not to port their smartphone number manually, even if they intend not to use Ting and choose an alternative carrier. RingPlus and Ting have assured customers that once their numbers have been migrated to Ting, they can complete a port-out process at that time.

Ting, rather than requiring customers to choose a specific service plan in advance, charges customers each month based upon their actual usage, meaning the bill amounts may change and vary each billing period. Other virtual wireless carriers that utilize the Sprint network, such as MintSim and Tello, are actively courting users of the soon-to-be-defunct carrier, who can also switch directly to Sprint itself. We'll be sure to update you on any further details regarding RingPlus' shutdown.

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