Robert De Niro, RFK Jr Offering $100000: You Have To Prove Vaccines Are Safe


Acclaimed actor Robert De Niro, along with chairman of World Mercury Project Robert Kennedy Jr. claim that vaccines containing mercury are not safe for the children.

The veteran actor along with the chairman of World Mercury Project has challenged that if any individual can prove that vaccines are safe, they will offer them an amount of $100,000.

The press conference held on Feb. 15 saw both De Niro and Kennedy discuss and claim that vaccines containing thimerosal are dangerous, as it leads to autism in children and pregnant mothers who receive vaccinations.

Kennedy Jr. also said that they need a thorough debate on this particular topic which has already been the subject of many debates and researches.

Kennedy stated that the promised amount would be given to the first journalist or individual who can show a peer reviewed study based on scientific reasoning, which says the amount of thimerosal currently used in vaccines is safe.

Thimerosal Usage In Vaccines Dangerous, Says Kennedy

The main issue of the debate revolves around thimerosal. This compound is organic and contains mercury, which is used for preservation purposes.

However, manufacturers of vaccines has put an end to the use of thimerosal from 1999 and by 2001, all the vaccines for the children were free of this compound. The step was taken under caution and expertise.

Although few of the vaccines for flu still contain this compound, there is no evidence whatsoever that pregnant women who were given this flu vaccine gave birth to autistic children.    

There are numerous studies that have been carried out on thimerosal by the FDA, but it seems that the studies are not sufficient to convince Kennedy and his team at the World Mercury Project.

"What we've been told is not science. It's more akin to religion. It's orthodoxy. We need to break this impasse," said Kennedy.

Kennedy also stated that he is not anti-vaccine but opposes the use of mercury in them.

De Niro's Inclusion In This Conference

De Niro, who is not well versed in medicine, played the role of a concerned father as he graced the panel of the press conference. The renowned actor's son Elliot has autism and the actor time and again has faced criticism for his anti-vaccine views.

"There's something here [with mercury in vaccines] that's not being addressed for some reason, so I'm trying to help raise that profile of the situation," noted De Niro

De Niro, who in the past, has been very critical of President Donald Trump said that "If he does the right thing, he does the right thing. I don't have to be connected with him."

Kennedy added that he recently met President Trump to propose building a vaccine safety commission.

The press conference was streamed online on World Mercury Project's Facebook page and on an website called Infowars.

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