Monopoly Ditches Thimble Token, New Ones Will Arrive In August


The maker of Monopoly, Hasbro, has announced that the game piece Thimble is going to be scrapped from the next edition. The game maker had conducted voting, which led to the Thimble being ousted from the game for ever.

Monopoly's token Thimble failed in Pass GO and will not collect $200 anymore. The Thimble has been a part of the board game since 1935, but voters decided that it's time to bid adieu to the 81-year-old game piece.

New game tokens are slated to arrive in August, but unfortunately, Thimble will not be among them.

Hasbro's Voting Challenge

Hasbro launched "Monopoly Token Madness" in January where the fans were allowed to vote from a mix of eight classic game pieces and dozens of new ones. According to Hasbro, around 4 million votes were cast but the classic game piece Thimble failed to get the necessary votes to clear Pass GO.

"The Thimble token will not "Pass GO" in the next generation of the Monopoly game. The lucky Thimble has lost its 'shine' with today's fans and will be retired from the game," stated Hasbro.

Which Tokens Will Remain On The Board?

The tokens that made the cut and will remain on board are:

Scottie Dog







The Cat game piece was introduced in Monopoly in 2013 as a replacement for the classic Iron token. The final set of game pieces that will start appearing from the next edition of Monopoly will be announced by the company on March 19. The final tokens are expected to arrive in August.

There is also a strong possibility to see hashtag, emojis and rubber ducky as game pieces from the next edition. The SVP of Hasbro gaming, Jonathan Berkowitz, said that the company was itself surprised to see the Thimble go out of the game despite its long association. He added that there is also a possibility for other classic game pieces to be voted out.

Why Was The Thimble Ousted?

The Thimble used for sewing was a part of people's daily life back in 1930s when the board game was initially launched. In 2017, the iconic game piece holds no significance in the lives of modern Americans. This is thought to be the reason as to why Thimble was sent packing with the lowest number of votes.

Monopoly Voting History

As stated earlier, the last voting challenge that was conducted by Hasbro saw the Cat game piece come in place of the Iron in 2013. The voting was not as open as it is this time. Other classic game pieces like the Horse and Rider were ditched in 2000 along with the Cannon.

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