February is already halfway through, and that only means one thing for avid gamers who have been waiting a long time: Mass Effect: Andromeda is finally just one month away from its official release!

Bioware and Electronic Arts have been keeping up the excitement with bits and pieces of information about the game since its release date was announced at the CES 2017. Even the game's designers, Ian Frazier and Justin Perez, tweeted an amusing tidbit about weapons crafting on Jan. 17. Just a month later, on Feb. 17, Bioware released more information that would knock the socks off gamers.

Bioware uploaded a five-minute gameplay video on YouTube focusing on the different types of weapons available to players and the different combat, technology, and biotic skills players that can be upgraded, and Tech Times has outlined them for you.

Gamers would be pleased to know that there are no class restrictions in terms of weapons and skills in Mass Effect: Andromeda, so players only need to think about the categories they want to work on.

The Game

Mass Effect: Andromeda is a fast-paced third-person combat game that takes players to the Andromeda Galaxy in search for a new home planet. For this installment of the Mass Effect franchise, players will get to experience a wider variety of movement and cover system that allows a character to use practically anything as cover during a fight. The movements are especially dynamic because of the jump-jet, which allows a character to evade, hover, and jump even in the middle of a battle.

What this means is that players can bring their personal strategic combat style during the gameplay.


As mentioned above, there are no class restrictions when it comes to weapons, so players can use practically anything regardless of what the weapon is. There are, however, four weapons categories to choose from, and the tech varies depending on the weapon's source planet.

Players get to choose from pistols, shotguns, sniper and assault rifles, and melee weapons. From these four categories, we reach an even bigger number of choices because each weapon has a different supporting tech and, therefore, a different way of dealing damage.

The tech subcategories are Milky Way, Remnant, and Heleus. Looking at the subcategories, the main difference of the weapons has to do with ammunition and damage.

Milky Way weapons are your usual high-impact projectile weapons with physical and limited ammunitions Mass Effect players are already familiar with from the past games. Remnant weapons are extremely accurate, high firing rate armaments that use beam as ammunition. While that sounds cool and perfect since you have unlimited ammunition, it has a downside of having an overheat system that requires players to wait a while for their guns to cool down before actually being useful again. Heleus weapons combine technologies from various civilizations in the Heleus Cluster of Andromeda Galaxy. These are charge-based or plasma-based weaponries that pack a punch the longer you wait before making a hit.


Just like weapons, players can acquire skills without any restrictions. As mentioned above, Mass Effect: Andromeda players can choose from Combat, Tech, and Biotic skills, and its efficiency is dependent on a players' combat style.

Combat skills, for obvious reasons, focus on building up weapons damage and a character's efficiency and accuracy in battles. Tech skills allow players to make strategic enhancements to his character as well as his squad. It also enables players to use experimental weapons. Biotic skill is as cool as it sounds because this allows players to use dark energy and manipulate gravity and mass in order to literally control a battle. Biotic skills allow players to control their enemies and use them as weapons or shield, and it also deals a lot of damage.

The skills can also be upgraded, so if you think it's not destructive enough, you can always go for more.

Watch the gameplay below and see for yourself.

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