Mobile World congress (MWC) 2017 is just round the corner and OEM's are gearing up to launch their products at the trade show.

Although it is common news by now that Samsung will not be launching its flagship Samsung Galaxy S8 at the MWC, excitement is still running high as people wait with bated breath for the launch of Samsung Galaxy Tab S3.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 has been featured in quite a few leaks so far. Recent ones have been suggesting religiously that the S Pen stylus may be included in the upcoming tablet.

A new leak surfaced online on Feb. 19 affirming the stylus rumors. The user manual for the upcoming Galaxy Tab S3 has been leaked and gives one a peak into the features and related specs of the upcoming tablet.

S Pen Features

The user manual of Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 has been leaked via a few screenshots. The leaked manual shows that the device is expected to be bundled with an S Pen stylus. The stylus may be a standalone accessory without any allotted storing slot like in case of the Galaxy Note line of smartphones.

The screenshots also reveal that the S Pen may come with clip to attach it to something so that users do not misplace the stylus.

Rumored Design According To Leaked Manual

The leaked images also reveal that the Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 may come with four speakers, two at the top and two at the bottom.

A fingerprint scanner may get integrated into the home button, it will also benefit from a USB Type-C port. There is also a magnetic keyboard dock connector on the left hand side of the device as the right side of the tablet houses the power button, volume control keys, SIM and memory card tray and the microphone.

The manual also shows that the tablet will feature both front and rear cameras. The GPS antenna has been placed at the back panel of the tablet along with the main antenna.

Per the leaked manual, the back and recent key has been placed on either side of the home button. The headphone jack has also been placed at the bottom of the tablet.

Secure Folder, Screen Off Memo And Air Command

Rumors suggest that three new features may come pre-loaded in the upcoming tablet. The first feature, the secure folder - as the name suggests - keep the private information safe even when the device is unlocked. Thanks to Screen Off Memo, users can take quick notes on the tablet's display with the S Pen without turning the device on.

Lastly, the Air Command feature which also uses the S Pen, allows the user to access various other features with a single tap.

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