EDM pop duo The Chainsmokers released a music video for their latest hit "Paris." The song is the first single from their upcoming debut studio album, and has been a successful follow up to their summer 2016 smash "Closer."

The Chainsmokers 2017: Hot New Song And Grammy

Alex Pall and Drew Taggart, otherwise known as The Chainsmokers, had a breakthrough year in 2016. The DJ, production and performance duo were the most successful EDM artists of the year, and had three bona fide hit singles on Billboard's Hot 100, "Roses," "Don't Let Me Down," and their number one hit "Closer."

Although follow up songs "All We Know" and "Setting Fires" underperformed, it looks as if 2017 is gearing up to be another successful one for The Chainsmokers. They just picked up the Grammy for best dance recording for "Don't Let Me Down," and their new song "Paris" is a another bona fide hit. The song is the first single off the duo's upcoming first full studio album, titled Memories: Do Not Open, set to be released in April and featuring all new music from the group.

The Chainsmokers' New 'Paris' Music Video

To support the song, the Chainsmokers have just released a music video, which does not appear to be filmed on location in its namesake city but instead in good old Los Angeles, where it features a flying Victoria's Secret model, Martha Hunt, as well as Pall and Taggert walking through a field in a melancholy fashion.

"Paris" has proven to be a respectable follow up to "Closer," although it hasn't been nearly as big a hit as its predecessor. In fact, "Paris" now sits at number 10 in its fourth week on the Billboard Hot 100, after peaking at number seven, while "Closer" remains at number seven after a remarkable 28 weeks on that chart.

"Paris" has also been criticized by some observers as another rehash of "Closer" and "All We Know," as well as for failing to credit female singer Emily Warren, whose "show them we are" refrain is arguably the most memorable hook in the entire song. Warren, who also co-wrote "Don't Let Me Down," shared her thoughts on the controversy recently.

"I think that their reasoning was that they wanted it to be a Chainsmokers thing and not featuring anyone," Warren speculated. "Drew did most of the singing and is doing a lot more singing now. And since it's not a proper duet, the vocal is meant to be more of an effect than an actual part."

The Chainsmokers are also set to embark on a 40 city North American tour beginning in April, just as Memories: Do Not Open is released. You can watch The Chainsmokers new "Paris" music video below.

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