By now, you must have seen your fair share of leaked images and renders that purportedly show what the Samsung Galaxy S8 will look like. The only problem with these rumors is that they remain rumors for as long as no form of confirmation from an unimpeachable source emerges.

Samsung Leak Or Teaser?

The latest leak, however, about the S8 might not qualify as fishwives' tale because it seems to have come directly from Samsung. This involves the Secure Folder APK file, which is currently available online.

There is still no official word confirming the said Secure Folder app, but Samsung has promised to release one for the Galaxy S7 when Android 7.0 Nougat rolls out.

One should note that the OS has been deployed for some time already. In addition, a number of users were also able to install the Secure Folder APK file on their Galaxy S7 and S7 edge handsets.

What Is This Secure Folder Anyway?

Enthusiasts have badgered Samsung to release the app for the Samsung flagship after it was briefly introduced in the now-defunct Galaxy Note 7. The app, in case you are not familiar, allows users to hide personal files, which include documents, photos, and videos.

Once Secure Folder for the S7 is installed and opened for the first time, it will show a computer render of a handset that suspiciously looks like the Galaxy S8. You will find that the Home Button/Fingerprint Reader is missing in the front panel, which is mostly dominated by a large screen.

Sam Mobile first spotted the leak, and you may be sure the image quickly found itself online.

On The Galaxy S8 Design

There is really nothing much to see, and there is certainly no earth-shaking revelation either, but it does reveal a device that resembles a number of previously leaked Galaxy S8 photos particularly with respect to the thin bezels. This means that we can go back to the past renders and photos and say that they could indeed be what Samsung is cooking as its next flagship.

At this point, we are no longer exactly clueless about the S8's innards. Fans are already holding their breaths for the huge possibility that the device will ship with the Snapdragon 835 chip, Samsung's proprietary smart assistant, and a 5.8-inch Super AMOLED display.

The S8 could feature some disappointing specs such as the 3,000 mAh battery, which is the same as the S7, and the 4 GB of RAM. These details have led some to conclude that Samsung may have played safe in the production of its next generation flagship to avoid the Note 7 disaster.

The Galaxy S8 could launch at the end of March, but Samsung is expected to announce the official schedule in the upcoming Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.

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