LG is once again teasing its upcoming LG G6 smartphone ahead of its Mobile World Congress debut. This time the company is promoting the smartphone's water resistant and dustproof design in short teaser videos.

Like CES before it, the MWC is one of the most popular tradeshows for tech enthusiasts and has hosted some of the biggest smartphones and tablets in the past. Samsung used the show to launch its Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S7 series and is reportedly planning to use the show to announce the Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8 Plus's launch date. LG has also used the event to announce its next-generation flagship smartphone and went head to head with Samsung's Galaxy S7 and S7 edge last year with its LG G5 handset.

LG Keeps Teasing LG G6

Unlike Samsung, LG is planning to once again use the MWC to launch its latest and greatest smartphone. The company hasn't been shy about its unannounced LG G6, and LG has already issued a press release talking up the wide-angle camera it is using in its new handset. A few days before that, LG released a teaser video for its new LG UX 6.0 user interface, which will be a major feature of the LG G6. With only a few days before LG makes the LG G6 official, it has released two new teaser videos, confirming two new features coming to the device.

LG G6 Can Withstand Water

The first video is called "Pool" and shows a girl swimming across a pool, followed by an outline of the LG G6 encompassing the swimmer. The LG G6 will be the company's first flagship smartphone to use a water-resistant design, allowing it to finally compete with rivals on this feature.

Dust Is No Match For LG G6

In an effort to promote that the LG G6 will also have a dust-proof design, LG has released a short teaser video titled "Flour." The video shows flour being shaken onto a table near a whisk and pie pan, followed by an outline of the LG G6. The video is to signify that the LG G6 will also employ a dustproof design.

The LG G6 is expected to pack in a 5.7-inch QHD+ FullVision display with an 18:9 aspect ratio, and will be powered by a Qualcomm Snapdragon 821 processor, include 64 GB of internal storage, and a microSD expansion slot to allow users to increase space. It has dual 13-megapixel rear cameras and wide-angle front-facing snapper.

We'll be covering LG's Feb. 26 MWC 2017 LG G6 event and will bring you all the latest news. Check out LG's videos below.

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