Pokémon GO is apparently working wonders for some players, as it allows them to hatch eggs without actually walking all that distance.

Hatching eggs in Pokémon GO can yield new Pokémon, but it's not normally done so easily. Players have to place eggs in incubators and, depending on the type of egg, walk 2, 5, or 10 kilometers or up to 6 miles to hatch them. This means that unless players walk around town for a good while, hatching those eggs can take quite a bit. Worthy of note here is that the game counts the player's distance walked only if Pokémon GO is actually open on the smartphone.

Pokémon GO GPS Drift: Hatching Eggs Without Walking

For some Pokémon GO players, however, it seems that hatching eggs is a breeze and all that walking can be easily achieved without actually walking. How? Well, through a sort of glitch referred to as GPS drift, which registers the smartphone as moving even though it's actually immobile.

Pokémon GO players have started reporting that the in-game GPS tracking is not just highly inaccurate, but it's gotten worse - or better, depending how you look at it. This GPS inaccuracy logs in-game steps so easily that players are hatching eggs with little to no effort.

"I'm at work right now with my phone next to me. The GPS drift is so intense here that I can easily hatch tons of eggs," one Pokémon GO Player writes on Reddit. "What's more, I just drifted about 500 meters to the east and got to catch a Dunsparce which I didn't have yet :) On the go I don't drift at all. They can keep it like this as far as I'm concerned! :) My phone is a Galaxy S7, if you are interested," adds the player.

Other players on the Reddit thread report similar ease in hatching eggs without walking much, and it seems that Samsung devices, especially the Galaxy S7, are particularly susceptible to this Pokémon GO GPS drift. One player even says they hatched a 10-kilometer egg in less than three hours simply by unlocking the screen every couple of minutes or so.

Pokémon GO GPS Drift Not Working For All

On the other hand, while the GPS works wonders for some, it's not working for all and the inaccuracy actually makes things worse for other players. Some report being stuck at a certain distance despite their character moving up and down the street, while others complain that the distance they actually walk is either not registered, or it's just partially registered.

The game has always had a slight GPS drift, but the inaccuracy is apparently now worse than ever and it might be connected to the recent Pokémon GO update that brought 80 Gen 2 Pokémon and other goodies. It's unclear whether Niantic did some tweaking for the GPS step tracking with its latest update or it's just a coincidence, but players report the tracking has gone haywire recently.

Either way, some players are now hatching a lot of eggs without doing that much walking, while others are walking a lot without having the distance accurately tracked and put toward the egg hatching.

Did you notice any issues with the in-game GPS tracking in Pokémon GO? If so, drop by our comment section below and tell us whether it works in your favor or otherwise.

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