Mozilla does not want Firefox to be left holding the bag in the competition among internet browsers. Several weeks ago, the company underwent a so-called brand refresh with the adoption of a new logo to purportedly let the public know what the company and its mission are all about.

Now, the Firefox browser itself is poised to get updated with a nifty feature that will let users snooze the browser's tabs.

You usually encounter the Snooze function every time your smartphone or a mobile device notifies you with an alarm. So it is a curious thing how Mozilla thought to implement it on the internet browser, particularly with how you use tabs.

How Does It Work?

Mozilla is calling the new experimental feature SnoozeTabs and it is available to the Firefox Pilot Program. According to Mozilla, it is part of its effort to create a modern and more efficient browser.

The company cited how users often find themselves reading an interesting article but is quite busy to spend time with it perhaps due to its length. SnoozeTabs will now let you dismiss the page to keep your desktop from getting cluttered. The feature will, however, allow you to set a time for when the tab can reappear.

So the experimental Firefox build is starting to show a snooze icon on the top right portion of the browser where it is arrayed with the Bookmarks and Settings icons. Clicking it will reveal a dropdown menu where you can select the time it can resurface. The menu also provides other options that enable users to manage snoozed tabs.

After the snooze ends, the tab will pop up again, this time with an orange Snooze icon alerting you that the tab has been brought back from hibernation.

Participating In The Firefox Pilot Experiment

As previously stated, the SnoozeTabs feature is still within experimental stage. You can only use it by installing the downloadable file posted at the program's page. After installing the add-on, you also have to activate it via a page that can be accessed by clicking the Test Pilot icon.

You should also remember that this build can also suffer some glitches and issues since it is not yet a stable version.

To help Mozilla fix bugs, however, the Pilot Test build is outfitted with the Pulse feature, which allows users to send feedbacks directly to Firefox engineers. You can install it as an extension to the Pilot Test add-on.

"By telling us how Firefox performed on a wide variety of sites, you will help us understand how Firefox is performing in general and also help our engineers understand where to focus their efforts to improve Firefox browser performance," Mozilla stated in a blog post.

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