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Chrome And Firefox Extensions Found Stealing User Data: Uninstall These Add-Ons Right Away

Browser extensions on Chrome and Firefox have been discovered to be stealing data from users. Dubbed 'DataSpii,' the leak is affecting millions, including big companies such as Tesla and Apple.

Security July 19, 2019

New Firefox Update Makes It 'Faster Than Ever'

Firefox is getting a new update that'll make it 'faster than ever.' Mozilla isn't just focusing on speed with its latest release, though, as it's also rolling out new privacy tools that combat cryptomining and fingerprinting.

Apps/Software May 22, 2019

Firefox Just Disabled All Add-Ons Because Of An Expired Certificate, But Here’s A Workaround

It’s not just you — Firefox add-ons aren’t working for everyone else too because of an expired certificate. Mozilla is currently developing a fix, thankfully.

Internet May 4, 2019

Firefox Will Soon Mute Autoplaying Videos Automatically

Autoplaying videos are one of the most egregious banes of internet culture. Fortunately, Firefox 66, which Mozilla is scheduled to launch this March, will mute them by default.

Internet February 5, 2019

Mozilla Says Its Thunderbird Email Client Will Get Major Improvements This Year

Thunderbird is bound to get a lot fresher this year. Mozilla has just announced a roster of planned updates for the email client, among them an interface revamp and a total structural rewrite.

Internet January 3, 2019

Mozilla, Qualcomm Working On ARM Version Of Firefox For Windows Snapdragon PCs

Mozilla and Qualcomm are working on a version of Firefox that will run natively on ARM-based PCs powered by Qualcomm’s new 8cx platform. Mozilla failed to give a release date, though.

Apps/Software December 7, 2018

Firefox Monitor Will Let You Know If You Need To Change Passwords

Mozilla launched Firefox Monitor, a free service that was created in partnership with Have I Been Pwned. The tool will allow users to check if their email address and personal information may have been compromised by a data breach.

Apps/Software September 26, 2018

Mozilla Firefox Will Soon Block Ad Trackers By Default, To Protect User Privacy And Improve Page Load Speed

Mozilla announced on Thursday that its 'Firefox browser' will soon block web trackers by default to improve performance. Web trackers are chiefly used for targeted advertising and broad user data collection.

Apps/Software September 1, 2018

Firefox Unveils New Extension That Recommends Stories Based On Your Browsing Habits, Like An Internet Tour Guide

Mozilla wants users to develop a healthier relationship with the internet. So as part of its Firefox Test Pilot program, it’s releasing Advance, a new feature that recommends stories based on browsing habits, helping users avoid plunging into rabbit holes.

Internet August 8, 2018

Mozilla Firefox Rebranding In The Works With Lots Of New Logos: Which Ones Do You Like?

Mozilla Firefox is rebranding to include in its identity not just the web browser, but also the variety of internet products that it offers. Mozilla revealed two design systems of 12 icons each to show what it is talking about.

Apps/Software July 31, 2018

The Team Behind Firefox Is Developing A Web Browser You Can Control With Voice Commands

A web browser that can be controlled via voice commands? Mozilla is on it. The team is reportedly working on its own voice platform, and a voice-enabled browser could be one of the first few implementations.

Internet June 14, 2018

Rejoice, Multitaskers! Firefox Introduces Side-By-Side Feature

Mozilla released new experimental features for Firefox browser as part of its Test Pilot program. While one allows users to customize the color and theme of the browser, the other enables them to view two tabs in one window.

Internet June 6, 2018

Firefox 59 Now Lets You Block Those Irritating Site Notification Requests

Mozilla posted the details of the changes made for Firefox version 59. The update gives users control over site notification prompts along with other improvements.

Internet March 14, 2018

Mozilla Firefox Looking Glass Browser Extension Moved To Add-On Store After Backlash

Firefox users weren't happy when the 'Mr. Robot' add-on suddenly showed up on their browsers. Named Looking Glass, the extension is a marketing stunt by Mozilla, and now the company is backtracking after user backlash.

Internet December 17, 2017

Mozilla Firefox Add-On To Promote 'Mr. Robot' Backfires: Users Think They Were Really Hacked

A mysterious add-on named Looking Glass 1.0.3 started appearing in Mozilla Firefox browsers earlier this week. Users thought they were hacked, but it was just a marketing stunt for the 'Mr. Robot' TV show.

Security December 17, 2017

Mozilla And Oath Headed To Court Over Firefox Default Search Engine Switch From Yahoo To Google

Mozilla decided to walk away from a contract with Yahoo and switch the Firefox default search engine to Google. The move triggered a lawsuit from Oath, which now includes Yahoo, with Mozilla firing back with a complaint of its own.

Business Tech December 6, 2017

Mozilla Officially Launches Firefox Quantum: Here Are The Most Important Changes

Watch out, Chrome: Mozilla has officially released Firefox Quantum, the next major update to its flagship browser. It’s faster, cleaner, simple to use, and might even give Chrome a run for its money.

Internet November 14, 2017

Mozilla Is Making A Comeback With Firefox Quantum, But Is It Any Better Than Chrome?

Mozilla is coming back with a bang. It has now released the beta version of Firefox Quantum, a major update that makes the web browser faster, prettier, and more competitive.

Apps/Software October 1, 2017

Mozilla Acquires Bookmarking Tool Pocket After Starting Out As A Firefox Extension Years Ago

Mozilla has now officially bought Pocket, a bookmarking tool with 10 million monthly users. The company will reportedly use leverage Pocket in its recommendation tool endeavor.

Business Tech February 28, 2017

Google Cracks Old Crypto Algorithm, SHA-1 Now Unsafe: Why You Should Panic

Using massive computing power, Google has successfully attacked a cryptographic algorithm used to validate digital signatures. The cracked algorithm is also widely used to protect digital assets such as credit card transactions.

Google February 24, 2017

Firefox Says You Can Now Snooze Your Browser Tab Until Later

Firefox's SnoozeTabs can dismiss an article’s tab and set a time for when the user wants the tab to resurface. It is still an experimental feature and only available to the browser with Pilot Test add-on.

Internet February 23, 2017

Firefox: Mozilla Shuts Down Its Connected Devices Division, Shatters Push To Evolve Beyond The Browser

Mozilla has shut down its connected device division, affecting some 50 people working to bring Mozilla’s web technology beyond the browser. Mozilla said it’s working hard to give laid off employees new positions inside the company.

Internet February 3, 2017

Mozilla Urges Digital Netizens To Help Save The Internet: Here's Why

Mozilla is launching a prototype of an open source initiative that aims to track the health of the Internet. The project aims to focus on five aspects of the Internet: open innovation, online privacy, digital inclusion, privacy, and web literacy.

Internet January 22, 2017

Mozilla Rebrands Itself With A New Logo: No Dinosaurs Involved

Mozilla has announced a new logo as part of the company's rebranding, which aims to get the organization's purpose and products better understood by people. The design took insights from the public's feedback collected in the past several months.

Internet January 19, 2017

Mozilla Says Firefox Will Support Windows XP, Vista Until September 2017 At Least: Maybe You Should Upgrade Your OS By Then?

Mozilla's Firefox browser will release security updates for Windows XP and Windows Vista until September 2017. Users with computers still on these operating systems, however, are recommended to upgrade their machines.

Apps/Software December 25, 2016

Firefox Focus Saves iPhone Users From Advertisers, Provides Simple And Private Web Browsing Experience

Firefox Focus blocks all web trackers by default, setting privacy at the top of its user experience. It also features barebones interface that allows the app to load pages faster.

Apple November 18, 2016

Mozilla Firefox 48 Brings Multi-Process Support: First Version To Rock Electrolysis

Mozilla finally announced Electrolysis, a multi-process feature for Firefox 48. Mozilla developers have been working on the feature for the web browser for about seven years.

Apps/Software August 3, 2016

Mozilla Firefox To Block Flash Content 'Not Essential To The User Experience'

Mozilla Firefox is pushing plans that aim for the removal of the Flash Player plugin in the long run. In a recent announcement, developers explained that Flash-based content on most sites will be blocked immediately to improve end-user browsing experiences.

Internet July 21, 2016

Mozilla Is Breaking Down The Basics Of Encryption With The Help Of Emojis

Mozilla is teaching users the basics of encryption using emojis in this education game that consists of deciphering messages.

Internet June 30, 2016

Mozilla Firefox vs. Google Chrome vs. Microsoft Edge: Which Browser Is Best For Windows 10 Battery Life?

Microsoft found that its Edge browser was the most energy- and power-efficient in a series of tests on a Surface Book compared with Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome and Opera.

Computers June 20, 2016

Mozilla Tests Firefox Containers For Separate Online Identities

Mozilla added an awesome new feature in its latest Firefox Nightly build. Called Firefox Containers, this feature finally allows users to segregate site data for 'Contextual Identities,' keeping multiple online personas separate.

Apps/Software June 18, 2016

Mozilla Wants To Know How FBI Exploited Vulnerability In Firefox Web Browser

Mozilla asks the court to disclose the Tor bug the FBI exploited to catch pedophiles.

Internet May 13, 2016

Mozilla Wants Users To Test, Give Feedback On Revamped Firefox Features In Test Pilot

Mozlilla wants you to be a test pilot for its Firefox browser.

Internet May 11, 2016

Firefox For Android Beta Version 47 Now Available: Here's A List Of Changes

Shipping with next-day service, Mozilla delivers the latest Firefox beta version for Android. The latest release version of the mobile browser was launched just a day earlier.

Apps/Software April 29, 2016

Ultrafast Mozilla Servo Browser Engine Set To Enter Alpha Testing In June

Mozilla is preparing an alpha version of Servo, its newest and fastest Web browser engine. The alpha will roll out in June, allowing developers to test it and improve their code.

Apps/Software March 17, 2016

Mozilla Announces The End Of Firefox OS Smartphone Support

Mozilla revealed that the development of its Firefox OS on smartphone will end after its version 2.6 release, and will instead focus on the IoT space.

Apps/Software February 4, 2016

Mozilla Firefox 44 Now Comes With Intrusive Push Notifications That Appear Even When The Site Is Closed

Mozilla has launched the Firefox 44 update, and it came with push notifications for the desktop browser that pop up even when a site is closed.

Apps/Software January 27, 2016

New Web Browser Brave Automatically Removes 'Harmful Advertising'

The new open-source broswer will use a connected private cloud service with anonymous ads. Brave plans to insert 'clean ads' in standardized spaces that are without a persistent user id or re-identifiable cookie.

Internet January 20, 2016

Mozilla To Shut Down Persona Login System On Nov. 30

Mozilla is completely shutting down its Persona login system toward the end of this year. The single-sign-on system failed to impress customers and has a very small user base.

Internet January 13, 2016

Mozilla Firefox 43 For Windows Finally Goes 64-Bit, Crushes Various Vulnerabilities In The Process

Mozilla officially launched its new Firefox 43 browser, and the biggest highlight is 64-bit support for the Windows version. This will allow for larger apps, faster execution, and enhanced security.

Apps/Software December 16, 2015

Watch The Demise Of Internet Explorer And Firefox At The Hands Of Chrome

While Internet Explorer was once the undisputed king of the Internet, Chrome has since eaten the market alive. This is demonstrated in a new visualization made by YouTube user Viktor Bohush.

Internet December 11, 2015

Mozilla Is Ending Development Of Firefox OS For Smartphones

Mozilla has announced that it will be putting an end to the development of the Firefox OS platform for smartphones. The operating system has largely failed to take off, especially considering the fact that other companies have been releasing low-cost smartphones a lot of late.

Apps/Software December 8, 2015

Mozilla Launches Its Own Content Blocker On iOS

Focus by Firefox, kind of amusingly, doesn't work on the iOS version of Firefox.

Phones/Tablets/Mobile Tech December 8, 2015

Mozilla Pulling Out Ads From Tiles Feature: Focus Will Be On Content Discovery Instead

Mozilla has divulged that it will be pulling the plug on its advertising in Firefox through the Tiles feature in the coming months. The company will instead focus on content discovery.

Internet December 7, 2015

Mozilla Says It Doesn’t Need Google For Revenue Anymore

Mozilla is no longer relying to get revenue from Google. In 2014, the company has opened its doors to other search engine firms from different regions.

Internet November 27, 2015

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