The Beehive is ringing the alarm. Beyoncé may very well have a secret Snapchat account.

QueenBey is known to be secretive in both her private and professional life. Take for example the surprise drop of her self-titled visual album, the release of Lemonade and of course her latest pregnancy announcement.

So it should come to no surprise that the star has the ability to still shock fans.

And what could be groundbreaking that having the potential chance to be able to get a glimpse into Beyoncé's every day life on Snapchat?

While Beyoncé is no stranger to social media, she only posts on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.

And then there came a deer filter post.

Beyoncé posted a photo on her official Instagram account on Thursday night with daughter Blu Ivy that features both of their faces with Snapchat’s popular deer filter.

A post shared by Beyoncé (@beyonce) on Feb 23, 2017 at 2:07pm PST

And just like that the world lost it.

Fans immediately started commenting on the photo begging the singer to share her Snapchat name.

And since the Beehive knows she’s on Twitter, they took to that platform, too. The tweets reveal that fans have complete lost their minds in the quest to find this secret Snapchat.

While the hunt to find this secret Snapchat continues, there are two logical explanations for Beyoncé’s deer filter photo:

1. Beyoncé used someone’s phone or account to let Blu play with the filters.

This theory could ring true since B probably has a whole team of people around her at all times. And just about everyone has Snapchat.

2. Beyoncé has a Snapchat that only her family and close friends know about.

And that case, let’s patiently wait for the next Snapchat screenshot to emerge.

In the meantime, someone please find the secret Snapchat!

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