Nokia's global debut at the Mobile World Congress since the transition to a new management has been quite eventful so far. It has generated immense interest with the announcement of a slew of products and plans.

One of the notable announcements in its press briefing last Feb. 26 involved the Nokia smartwatch. You might be surprised to know that the wearable is already in our midst, and this is all thanks to Nokia's acquisition of a French startup company called Withings.

Several days ago, Tech Times has reported that Withings will be joining Nokia at Barcelona and will be given its own spot in the stage as HMD Global introduce its product line. The report has already mentioned the possibility that Nokia could start manufacturing its own smartwatch as Withings specializes in this segment.

Rebranded Withings Smartwatches

The MWC announcement, however, explained that all Withings smartwatches will now be rebranded as Nokia products, and the company will drop the Withings name for good this summer.

If you visit its online page, you will find that the company currently has several smartwatches and fitness bands such as Steel, Activité Steel, Activité Pop, and Pulse O2. It also offers a number of smart health gadgets, including thermometers and connected scales.

To leverage the Nokia takeover, all rebranded Withings wearable devices will be complemented by an overhauled Health Mate app. According to Cedric Hutchings, one of the changes will include the integration of the new Patient Program, which is being touted as Nokia's version of the Apple Healthkit.

Hutchings used to be the CEO of Withings. He is now serving as vice president of Digital Health division at Nokia. Other pronouncements indicate that more products will be launched this year.

More Nokia Wearables

Nokia's Withings takeover, which is worth $191 million, is quite interesting not only for the fact that the company suddenly has its own line of smartwatches. In addition, Nokia could infuse a different design language significantly different from the aesthetics articulated in the current Withings lineup. Nokia fans could therefore expect the future of its wearables to be even more exciting.

"The name change is just the beginning," Withings posted in its website. "We aim to take our vision of connected health even further with a number of exciting developments that will start rolling out this summer."

Withings pointed out that its current customers will still enjoy software updates. It is not yet clear, however, how current Withings owners will be affected by the company's integration into Nokia.

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