EDM duo The Chainsmokers just debuted a collaboration with rockers Coldplay, entitled "Something Just Like This," and the song has since received a considerable amount of criticism from fellow artists as well as internet critics. The detractors cite the song as a rehash of The Chainsmokers' hit "Roses," in addition to describing it as simplistic and boring.

The Chainsmokers And Coldpay Collaborate

The Chainsmokers have had a hugely successful year, with the 2016 top 10 Billboard success of three releases in a row, "Roses," "Don't Let Me Down," and the biggest hit of all, "Closer." The duo's newfound fame has enabled them to collaborate with one of the most successful bands in the world, the Chris-Martin-fronted Coldplay, but that hasn't stopped fellow artists and DJ's from continuing to criticize The Chainsmokers for rehashing their beats.

The Chainsmokers and Coldplay conspired to keep their collaboration a secret until the recent BRIT Awards ceremony, where they debuted it together in a live performance. The song was simultaneously released online, and listeners soon noted that it had a remarkable similarity to The Chainsmokers' breakthrough hit "Roses."

Deadmau5 And Others Critique 'Something Just Like This'

"The synth used to lead for the pop-drop in "Something Just Like This" is virtually indistinguishable from that used in "Roses," wrote one respected EDM critic, adding that "the melodic identities of the two tracks are just far too similar."

Another critic also noticed the similarity to "Roses," adding that "it contains the most basic of EDM backtracks" and "doesn't mesh. It's just a generic Coldplay song played over a generic Chainsmokers song — something nobody asked for."

The most biting critique of all however, may have come courtesy of EDM pioneer and production legend Deadmau5, who posted an Instagram photo of a simple laptop sitting atop a sophisticated mixing board, and sarcastically captioned it "Hey EDM! check out my new laptop stand... @thechainsmokers where do I plug in the aux cord so I can make sick beets like you."

It's not the first time The Chainsmokers have been criticized for rehashing their beats and productions. Their follow up to "Closer," "All We Know," was considered by many to be way too close to its predecessor for comfort, and the same critique has also been leveled against their latest release, "Paris." The duo also arose the ire of Lady Gaga after dissing her latest music, to which Gaga's Grammy winning producer also tweeted out criticism of the "charisma-bypassed" duo's simplistic production style.

You can check out the performance below.

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