Curved display is the new trend in all premium smartphones across the different companies. Samsung and Apple, the leaders in the market, too have reportedly opted for curved display panels in their upcoming devices.

The advantage of a curved screen is that companies are able to house bigger displays. However, LG has chosen to take a different route.

LG launched its flagship, the LG G6  at MWC on Feb. 26 and the device flaunts a grand 5.7- inch Quad HD+ display with an aspect ratio of 18:9. The smartphone also has limited bezels. LG has decided to stick with its flat screen concept completely ignoring the trend of curved display panels, and it has valid reasons of doing so.

In an interview conducted by Phone Arena, the company's executives shared some valid reasons as to why they prefer the flat display against the curved panels.

Curved Display Panels Are Difficult To Hold

According to LG members, having a curved edge screens gives an uncomfortable grip and is also known to build up more tension, which may also cause tiredness in the muscles of the hand after using it for long periods.

This reason may hold true for some users while others would disagree with what LG is saying. It is also true that the curved edge results in frequent accidental taps on the side surface, which can be a cause for concern to most users.

Easier To Crack

The next disadvantage of having a curved display as cited by LG is the durability. Due to their glass sides and edges, there is a high chance for the screen cracking if the phone is dropped accidentally.

Thus, according to LG, they are ensuring both longevity and reliability by adopting the flat screen feature and resisting the curved display panels, as compared to rival companies like Samsung and Apple.

However, to some people, LG may have gone with the flat screen for purely competitive reasons and not customer preference. It remains to be seen whether the decision taken by the company would resonate with consumers or not.

Apart from the flat display, the LG G6 comes with 4 GB of RAM and 32 GB of internal storage. It is powered by the Qualcomm Snapdragon 821 processor and houses dual 13MP rear cameras along with a 5MP front snapper.

The flagship device from LG is also the first non-Google phone, which will come with the Google Assistant.

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