Twitch is the video platform beloved by gamers for being able to stream about and watch their favorite video games in action. And now gamers will soon be able to start buying the titles they watch in live streams directly from the platform.

Twitch announced on Monday its plans to start selling games and in-game content starting this spring.

Since Twitch is known for its video game live streams and its popular streamers, it only makes sense that the platform adds a "buy now button."

Publishers use Twitch to be able to spread awareness about their games, as well as stay connected to their communities. When the feature launches, it will allow them to sell their games from their channel pages, right where their community is gathered.

Users will be able to buy a game on Twitch from two different places: from the game's details page and on the channel page.

For buying on the channel page, users will see a buy now button directly underneath the stream.

This means gamers who are watching a broadcaster play will be able to purchase the game and hop along to play themselves. This allows Twitch to offer a seamless gaming expereince for users since users can watch content, purchase content and connect with communities based on their favorite games in one place.

Developers who opt into the program will earn 70% of the revenue when users purchase their titles on Twitch. The feature also allows them to offer in-game content to users to buy.

When it launches, there will be dozens of games available from both AAA and indie publishers, including Ubisoft, Telltale Games, Digital Extremes, Hi-Rez Studios, tinyBuild, Paradox Interactive, Trion Worlds, Vlambeer, and more.

Games can be downloaded and played via the Twitch launcher, or through existing developer or publisher-operated services like Uplay.

The new feature will not only benefit video game developers, serving as yet another place to pick up their game, but it will also benefit both broadcasters and viewers.

The new buy feature will help broadcasters be able to make a living off of Twitch, and allow them to take part in the success of the games they love.

When a user buys a game from a channel page, the streamer will get a 5 percent share of the revenue. While this only applies to broadcasters who opts into the program, it will allow them to be rewarded for creating their content.

"The Twitch community is a key part of everything we do, from getting the word out about a game we're launching to maintaining an ongoing dialog with our fans," Steve Allison, SVP of Publishing for Telltale Games said in a press release. "By allowing viewers to help support their favorite streamer just by buying a game on Twitch, we're able to help strengthen the community that has done so much for us."

And since Twitch is all about the community, even viewers will be rewarded when buying on the platform.

Twitch will reward buyers  by giving them a free Twitch Crate, a digital box of loot that which features randomized items tailored to each users, such as exclusive emotes, chat badges, and Bits for Cheering.

"For years we have appreciated how supportive Twitch streamers and viewers have been of our games," said Chris Early, VP of Digital Publishing at Ubisoft. "This made it an easy decision to work with Twitch to better serve our passionate community with benefits for everyone."

The program and new buy button will launch soon on Twitch.

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