NASA Opens Free Software Catalog To The Public: Perfect For Experimenting Earthlings


The National Aeronautics and Space Administration has officially released its 2017-2018 software catalog. A treasure trove for tech fanatics, it gives the public full access to the agency's remarkable portfolio of software products minus any royalty or copyright charges.

NASA 2017-2018 Software Catalog

NASA's latest software catalog comes in both hard copy and offline format. Downloaders will be privy to the exciting apps and code libraries, which it uses for data and image processing, design and integration, system testing, propulsion, aeronautics, and of course, space exploration.

"The software catalog is our way of supporting the innovation economy by granting access to tools used by today's top aerospace professionals to entrepreneurs, small businesses, academia and industry. Access to these software codes has the potential to generate tangible benefits that create American jobs, earn revenue and save lives," NASA's Associate Administrator for Space Technology Mission Directorate (STMD) Steve Jurczyk stated in the official press release from the space agency.

In April 2014, the pilot edition of NASA's software catalog was first made available to the public. It's since been considered as the first all-access, open-source, and complete listing of software to be pooled by a U.S. government agency and the largest generator of custom codes.

No Alien Speak, NASA Says It's Earthling-Friendly

Easing concerns that the third edition may be too technical for an average Joe's taste, NASA assures everyone that most of its never-before-seen software packages included in the catalog come with comprehensible, straightforward descriptions.

Drones And Satellites

Drone enthusiasts will be thrilled to get their hands on NASA codes for cutting-edge drone and noise-free aircraft technology. From sending bulk files to the outerspace with the Consultative Committee for Space Data Systems File Delivery Protocol to advanced camera imaging using the Lossless Hyper-/Multi-Spectral Data Compression Software, Video Image Stabilization and Registration, and JPL's Stereo Vision Software Suite, NASA has got you covered.

With its 2017-2018 software catalog in your computer, keeping tabs on the freshest satellite images from NASA's fleet of satellites will be a breeze with the NASA Forecast Model Web or Worldview Satellite Imagery Browsing and Downloading Tool.

But that's not all.

NASA Station Spacewalk Game

The comprehensive software package from NASA also offers an impressive spacewalk experience. Try your knack as an astronaut with NASA's online game, which anyone can play on a Mac or a PC. Like a real NASA astronaut, players will surely have a ball exploring the International Space Station, riding the robotic arm, and doing SPHERES experiments and repairs in space.

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