Bill Nye recently appeared on CBS This Morning promoting his new book, Undeniable: The Evolution of Science and Creation, and, among other things, commented on the Pope's recent remarks about the theory of evolution.

Earlier this year, Nye took on creationist Ken Hamm in a debate pitting evolution against the idea that God created the Earth and everything in it without any outside scientific influence.

Nye speaks often about educating the U.S. on evolution, especially since nearly half of Americans believe, to some extent, in creationism. In his interview on CBS, Nye spoke about the fact that everyone believes in something, but that religion and science must remain separate.

"I mean, we all believe in something that we can't prove, I should hope, "" Nye says. So if you get the feeling and you have this community, that's great. But whatever you feel, the Earth is not 6,000 years old and there was not a flood with every tree on Earth underwater 4,000 years ago."

Nye also responded to Pope Francis' recent comments about God not being a magician and how evolution does not conflict with existing Christian belief systems. Nye called these statements "helpful."

"There are so many people comforted and get so much out of being in the community of Catholics," says Nye. "To have their head guy say we're going to join the mainstream of scientific thinking is good."

Finally, Nye also points out that creationists also deny climate change. He points out the headlines of the day, including a snowstorm in the Midwest.

Nye touched upon cloning, explaining that the key thing to remember is that "you don't want to clone yourself" because that would create a situation where you don't have a mix of genes going into the future.

Nye writes about all these subjects and more in his new book, Undeniable: The Evolution of Science and Creation, which is now available at retail stores.

Nye's next project might be a movie, something he hinted at during a recent Reddit AMA. The movie is about a "historical figure who changed the world by teaching himself mathematics." Speculation about that figure is underway, but whoever Nye is talking about, we're sure his fans will line up for movie tickets.

[Photo Credit: CBS This Morning]

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