EA And DICE Reveal Massive Expansion Packs


The war is not over yet — the battlefield has just gotten bigger.

On February 28, publisher EA and developer DICE unveiled four major expansions for Battlefield 1 included in the Premium Pass offer. These expansions will extend the flames of World War I around Europe with a focus on French and Russian armies in their respective lands. You can also engage in thrilling amphibious and naval battles, and fight in one of the most infamous battles of WW1.

The stand-alone expansion titles are:They Shall Not Pass,In the Name of the Tsar, Turning Tides, and Apocalypse. The expansions will include 20 new weapons, elite classes, and 16 multiplayer maps. As a Battlefield 1 Premium Pass holder, you can enjoy these expansions earlier with two-week early access, and also get 14 Superior Battlepacks and other perks! These DLC expanions are part of the recent WInter Update.

Battlefield 1 is a WW1 first-person shooter available for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Windows.

Same War, (New) Different Campaigns

EA and DICE revealed the news via its official blog. Battlefield 1 players will enjoy four themed campaigns that are designed to make the game more immersive visually and technically.

These four expansions are:

They Shall Not Pass - You will play as one of the major parties involved in WW1 - the French army. You will find yourself amidst the flaming grounds of Verdun, where you must fight your way until you reach the nightmare-filed battlegrounds of Fort De Vaux. A large tank assault by the Aisne riverbanks will await you, as well.

In the Name Of The Tsar - Ride in Galicia with the legendary Hussar warriors as you make your way to join the infamous Brusilov offensive. You will face deadly winter skirmishes in the snow-covered cliffs of the Lupkow Pass. Live to fight or die fighting — all for Tsar and Mother Russia!

Turning Tides - WW1 introduced the first modern amphibious warfare. So it is only fitting that you fight — or die — in the literal ebbs and tides of war. You will be able to engage in intense naval clashes onboard a destroyer. You will also find yourself doing the impossible in the raids of Zeebrugge and Gallipoli beaches.

Apocalypse - This expansion isn't focused on one specific region; it just made the war deadlier and more brutish. You will fight in the most infamous WW1 battles using only brutal weapons "born out of desperation and deadlock." Conquer, invade contested lands, fight to hell and back. Witness the Apocalypse.

Free Trials And Discounts

From March 3 to 5, new players can experience the epic-ness and intensity of WW1 battles for free. Also, Xbox Live Gold members (on Xbox One) will get unlimited multi- and single-player playtime. Origin for PC players on the other hand will get 10 hours of free play (multiplayer and first two War stories of the single player campaign.)

EA is also holding its EA Publisher sale right now. Players can avail Battlefield 1 up to 60 percent off. The sale includes the Battlefield 1 Ultimate Edition (base game + all extras of Deluxe Edition and Premium Pass.)

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