Winter is coming to Battlefield 1.

Developer DICE released the patch notes of the "Winter Update" of its World War first-person shooter Battlefield 1. The game was launched on Oct. 21, 2016 to positive reviews, with most of the praises heaped on the game's WWI theme and single player campaign. Electronic Arts published Battlefield 1 developed by DICE, a Swedish studio.

The 'Winter Update' will be out for download on Feb. 14, 2017.

Max Ranks, Dog Tags, And Ribbons

Being a competitive multiplayer game, Battlefield 1 boosted its progression systems with the release of several collectible achievement tokens. One such collectible is "Ribbons." There will be 20 ribbons to collect, each of which the player can earn automatically every time a requirement is met. Each ribbon is worth 300 exp and can be acquired many times.

The maximum "Class Rank" has been raised from 10 to 50. Better yet, the elite of the elites will be now be recognized — at least visually — as rank 50 players will get a kill card enhancement.

Moreover, BF1 will be adding eight elite codices. Each "Elite Codex" can be unlocked after achieving 500 kills, each for every matching weapon. Each is worth a bonus of 25,000 XP.

For more grind, players can also earn class-specific "Dog Tags" and "Class Rank Icons." They can unlock Bronze at level 20, Silver at 30, gold at 40, and platinum at level 50. This adds another visual touch — and status symbol — to differentiate newbies from skilled veterans.

Voting for maps will also be introduced to servers. After every match, players can vote which maps will be next. Two random maps from the map rotation will be chosen by the server. This feature can be turned off.

Nerfs And Balances

As with every patch update, bug fixes, game tweaks, and nerfs will be introduced to balance the game.

Such change includes vehicle camera bug fixes, like the issue with driver weapon visuals not functioning properly at 3p camera mode.

Weapon issues have also been tweaked. Issues like side gun meshes not being rendered properly and bayonet charges not awarding service stars have been fixed. Also fixed was the player-favorite Martini-Henry gun and its glitch when loading K Bullets. Gas grenades duration has also been reduced from 22 down to 15 seconds.

The UI will also be tweaked to fix visual glitches such as overlapping Warbond symbols, English spelling errors, and crosshair fades. Cosmetically, visual enhancements will be introduced such as Friends List design tweak, menu system, and medal tracking.

For the complete list of updates, check out the official website of Battlefield 1.

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