Now that Apple has officially opened its iMessage App Store for third-party developers with Wednesday's release of iOS 10, users can now start purchasing and installing various stickers, emoji apps and games that will be used specifically within the texting app.

However, while some sticker and emoji packs are offered for free, many other options cost $1.99 — which may seem like a small fee, but can quickly add up if the user plans on testing a few of them out.

After browsing through the new iMessage App Store, we pulled some of the very best to bring users a complete list of the packs that are worth taking a look at. Here are the best sticker and emoji packs available for iMessage. 

First thing users must do is make sure they update to iOS 10. Do so by going to Settings > General > Software Update.

Once iOS 10 is installed, launch the Message app from the home screen, and tap on the "show more" icon (>) on the left-hand side of the text field. The user will then see three icons. Click on the App Store icon, then the icon on the bottom left that looks like a grid and tap on Store to see all the stickers, emojis, apps and games available. 

1. Super Mario Run Stickers

Along with the big announcement that Nintendo will launch the mobile game Super Mario Run for iOS this winter, it was revealed that a sticker pack will also launch to further bring Mario to the iPhone. The Super Mario Run sticker pack allows the user to express themselves using the popular video game character. They can also decorate their messages with other objects found in the game.

Super Mario Run Stickers is available to download for free

2. Gomoji

Digital entertainment studio JibJab (the ones behind Starring You eCards) just launched the addictive emoji extension for iMessage. Called Gomoji, the app turns the user into a customized animated avatar using their photo. Gomoji also comes with stickers and GIFs, with over 100 animated reactions and expressions with its launch. This can also be used as a standalone app.

Gomoji is available to download for free.

3. Disney Stickers

Disney fans will enjoy sending family and friends stickers of Mickey and the gang with the series of Disney Sticker packs. The only downside to these animated stickers is that there are a few different packs aimed at specific characters, movies or franchises. These include Disney Stickers: Princess, Finding Dory, Star Wars, Frozen and Zootopia.

Disney Stickers: Mickey & Friends and all the other packs, like Star Wars Stickers, is available to download for $1.99.


There is a whole category in the Featured page dedicated to celebmojis. While the user might already have KIMOJIs, Kevin Hart's take on these emojis is perfect for when you're clowning around with friends. KEVMOJIs feature the comedian's real face in a variety of expressions, along with other stickers. There are some mature themes here, so make sure the user is at least 17 years old to download these emojis.

KEVMOJI by Kevin Hart is available to download for $1.99.

5. Pokémon Pixel Art, Part: 1 English Sticker Pack

Pokémon fans can now send stickers featuring the pocket monsters directly in their texts thanks to this pack. However, the Pokémon stickers are pixelated, giving them that gaming look as they appear in Pokémon Red, Blue and Yellow. This is already one of the top-grossing sticker packs (right behind Disney Stickers: Mickey & Friends), so expect friends to send lots of Pikachus soon.

Pokémon Pixel Art, Part: 1 English Sticker Pack is available to download for $1.99.

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