Facebook is taking on the role of a virtual tour guide to help users find the best of what a city has to offer thanks to its new feature that began rolling out for its iOS app.

Called "City Guides," the new Facebook feature provides users with recommendations for places to go to and things to do while visiting a city to help them plan their vacation itinerary.

With this new feature, users no longer have to exit the Facebook app to launch other title like Yelp, for example, when say searching for a restaurant. City Guides taps into the recently launched Recommendations feature, where friends can suggest establishments they have been to and enjoyed.

Facebook began testing City Guides earlier this year among a select number of users. Now available with an update to its iOS app, users can explore the city-based recommendations for themselves by tapping on Explore icon, scrolling down until they see "City Guides."

The feature presents locations that friends have checked into when they were at a specific city like New York, Boston, Las Vegas, Paris, etc.

After selecting a city, the user can see the current time and temperature there, as well as see suggestions made by friends. This includes things like parks, restaurants, bars, and other popular attractions. Facebook even presents places the locals go, so that those visiting can get a taste of what it's like for those who live in said location.

Users can tap on a location to learn more about it, including read reviews, browse photos, watch videos, and learn about upcoming events, with the option to book directly from the app.

If a user sees a place they want to check out for themselves, they can save that place to visit later. 

Facebook began rolling out City Guides for iOS, so iPhone users who don't see the feature must continue to be patient until its wider release. No word on when the feature will be available for Android users.

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