Users launch Google Maps when traveling to a new place for directions, but they can now also use the app to mark places they want to visit down the road when on the road.

Google announced the launch of a new feature on Monday that lets users create a bucket list of places to go and share recommendations with others.

The new list feature makes it easy for users to remember places they want to visit when passing by that new restaurant or bar, for example. With the Google Maps app open, the user just needs to tap on the named the establishment they want to check out and a "Save" icon will appear.

Users can save places to previously created lists like "Want to Go," "Favorite," or create their own like "For Girls Night," "Restaurant Tour 2017," or "Summer Vacation."

These bucket lists can then be accessed at any time by tapping on the side menu to open Your Places (the first option in the drop down menu). The lists will be under the saved tab (just scroll to the right once).

However, the places saved to the user's lists will also be plotted on the map, so that the user can see that place they want to try when in the neighborhood.

The ability to see icons saved on the map will also come in handy for friends looking for places when on a road trip. That's because lists can be shared with others.

Users can tap on the share button when viewing their created lists to be able to recommend places for their family or friends. This will then present a link that can be sent via text and email, as well as social networks like Facebook or messaging apps like WhatsApp where friend can easily see the recommendations of places to go. Users can then "follow" the list to bring up these recommended places at any time.

These list can be accessed on both Google Maps mobile appear iOS and Android as well as on the desktop. There is also the ability to view offline after first downloading the map of directions for that road trip in the quest to cross off everything from the user's bucket list in a particular city or state.

This interestingly marks the first time Google Maps adds a social feature.

To create and share lists of places to go, update to the latest version of the Google Maps app.

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