Active Sex Life Could Be Behind Productive Employees At Work: Study


Workers who are happier and are likely to engage in their tasks at work have a healthy and active sex life, findings of a new research suggest.

Sex And Work

The new study which involved 159 married employees surveyed every day over a two-week period revealed that those who had sex tend to engage themselves in their tasks at work and more likely to enjoy their job the next day.

Based on the study's findings, researcher Keith Leavitt, from Oregon State University, noted that the ability to maintain a healthy relationship which includes a healthy sex life can help employees remain happy and immersed in their work which could benefit both the employee and the organization he or she is working for.

Job-Related Stress Can Impact Sex Life

The study, which was published in the Journal of Management on March 1, also hint that bringing home job-related stress can have negative effects on the sex lives of employees. Leavitt said that in this age where use of smartphones is popular and responding to work emails tend to be expected, the study shows the importance of employees leaving their work where it should be: at the office.

Work and job-related stress can impact an employee's personal life and when the effect reaches to an extent it leads to the employee sacrificing things like sex, a cycle is created as their level of work engagement may also decline.

"When employees engaged in sex at home, they reported increased positive affect at work the following day, independent of the effects of marital satisfaction," the researchers wrote in their study. "Daily work-to-family strain-based conflict significantly reduced the likelihood of engaging in sex at home that evening."

Sex As Natural Mood Booster

The research likewise showed that the beneficial effects of intimate contact lasted for at least 24 hours.

Sexual contact can set off the release of dopamine, a neurotransmitter which is linked to the brain's reward centers. Sexual intercourse also triggers the release of oxytocin, a neuropeptide linked to attachment and social bonding. The association of sex and these chemical helps explain why sex is a natural and a relatively automatic mood booster whose benefits to a person can extend well into the next day.

Researchers also found that the benefits of a healthy and active sex life on work were equally strong for both men and women underscoring the importance of a strong work and life balance. Leavitt urged couples to make time for sex. He said it is important to make it a priority.

"This is a reminder that sex has social, emotional and physiological benefits," Leavitt said. "Making a more intentional effort to maintain a healthy sex life should be considered an issue of human sustainability, and as a result, a potential career advantage."

Couples Who Have Issues With Sex Life

Identifying factors that affect their sex lives could be helpful for couples struggling to engage in physical intimacy. A study released last month revealed that strenuous exercise may lower libido in men. Certain medications, sleep problems, and use of alcohol and drugs may also have negative impact on sex drive.

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