Nintendo has pulled out yet another rabbit out of its hat as Nintendo Switch users can now pair their Joy-Con controllers with their Macs or Windows desktops and play games on the computer.

The Nintendo Switch has been a revolutionary device in the console maker's illustrious history. The company, which was previously known to lock down its consoles and push away proprietary ports, has completely done away the feature of region locking and has even adopted the USB Type-C for charging and connecting the console.

What's The Newest Feature In The Switch?

The console's coolest feature, however, is that its controllers can be paired with computers and one can play games on it using the controllers. The device, therefore, can be used as a gaming console and a portable gaming machine too.

The Joy-Con controllers are very flexible and easy to use. Each controller is equipped with a joystick and many buttons.

How Can The Joy-Cons Be Used?

Based on reports, the Joy-Con controllers can be assembled to make one single controller, or used independently as two separate ones, according to the game's requirements. They behave like traditional gaming controllers for button-smashing games and double up as motion sensor controllers, much like the Wii. The "HD Rumble" feature ensures that the player gets haptic feedback, similar to Apple's Taptic Engine.

The Joy-Con controllers connect to the gaming console using Bluetooth, much like the PlayStation 4's DualShock controllers. These controllers can also be paired with other Bluetooth devices. If connected with a Mac or a desktop, one can use the controllers to play games on the computer.

iPhones and iPads, however, are not benefitted by the Joy-Con controllers, as they do not get paired with the phones and tablets. iOS has its own Bluetooth control specifications; therefore, it does not support the Joy-Con controllers.

The Joy-Con controllers get recognized as separate when paired with a Mac. This works smoothly if a simple, one-analog stick game is being played. Players cannot connect both the controllers together to play more complex games. Nintendo may look into this and introduce some tweaks to accommodate this feature in the Switch too.

How Can You Pair Them?

Pairing the Joy-Con controllers is very simple when it comes to Mac. All one needs to do is go to the Bluetooth menu in System Preferences and tap on the Joy-Con option. Android and MacOS support these controllers out of the box, but to pair them to a Windows PC, one needs to download apps, such as JoyToKey, in order to map the controls on to Windows.

Nintendo has taken the gaming world by storm, and it remains to be seen when will its competition adapt and introduce similar features in their own consoles. Until then, the Nintendo Switch is here to rule.

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