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Someone Found A 30-Year-Old Apple Computer In An Attic, And It’s Still Working

A decades-old Apple IIe is still functioning like it did when a New York City professor last used it 30 years ago. To his surprise, the obsolete computer still works well, even loading an old game from the ‘70s.

Apple February 20, 2019

The Best Apps To Install On Your New Mac

So you got a new iMac, MacBook, or Mac Mini this holiday. Check out this guide to find out which apps you should install immediately.

Apps/Software December 27, 2018

PC Or Mac? Which One Should You Choose?

One important question in choosing a computer is whether you should get a Mac or a PC. Check out this guide to find out which is the right one for you.

Computers December 26, 2018

Apple Confirms It’s Disabling ‘Back To My Mac’ Feature In macOS Mojave

Apple has officially announced that Back to My Mac feature will be dropped in macOS Mojave. The useful feature introduced more than a decade ago enables users to share files and screen with connected units.

Apple August 23, 2018

Try Before You Buy: Free Trials Finally Coming To Mac, iOS App Store

Apple finally introduces free trials on paid apps for the App Store. With the feature implemented, customers will be able to try the full version of their favorite apps before deciding if it’s worth spending the full price for.

Apple June 7, 2018

Apple Secret Lab In Oregon Starts Working On Mac Processors To Replace Intel Chips

Apple has quietly opened a secret laboratory in Oregon, where work has started on custom Mac processors to replace Intel chips. The initiative, named Project Kalamata, is expected to begin by 2020.

Apple June 2, 2018

Steam Link App Will Let You Stream PC Games To iOS And Android Devices

Valve announced the Steam Link app, which will allow players to stream Steam games to iOS and Android devices. The app, which will support the Steam Controller and MFi controllers, will launch on the week of May 21.

Video Games May 10, 2018

Apple CEO Tim Cook: Nope, Mac And iPad Will Not Merge

Tim Cook says he doesn’t like the idea of a Mac and iPad hybrid because he thinks that not what users want. His statements go against recent rumors suggesting Apple will merge the two platforms.

Apple April 20, 2018

35 Amazing Facts About Apple You Didn't Know

Apple had a lot of secrets, from its inception to today. There are some that are now out in the open, which will hopefully give fans a better understanding of its history and what goes on inside the headquarters.

Company April 11, 2018

Apple To Replace Intel Chips In Macs With Custom Processor By 2020: Report

Apple plans to make the switch to custom processors for its Mac product portfolio by 2020. The move will make it the only major computer manufacturer not to rely on Intel-made components.

Apple April 3, 2018

Chrome 64 Goes Live With An Improved Blocker For Pop-Up Ads

Google has started rolling out Chrome 64, which is touted to boast of a powerful pop-up blocker as among its upgraded features. The browser will release in stages on Android, Windows, and Mac.

Google January 25, 2018

Hackers Lock Out iPhone And Mac Users, Demand Bitcoin Ransom: Here's How To Stay Safe

Hackers have exploited Apple's Find My iPhone and Find My Mac services to lock users from their devices and hold them ransom. Here are some ways to protect yourself before it's too late.

Security September 22, 2017

Mysterious Mac Malware Goes Undetected For Several Years: With FruitFly Around, Apple Fans Are Not As Safe As They Thought

Synack chief security researcher Patrick Wardle shed more light on FruitFly, a mysterious malware that has infected Mac computers for at least five years. According to Wardle, the malware was created probably for 'perverse reasons.'

Apple July 25, 2017

Worldwide PC Market Continues To Decline, Drops By 4.3 Percent In Q2 2017

PC shipments all over the world fell 4.3 percent in the second quarter of 2017, the lowest figure it has recorded since 2007. But some PC manufacturers saw growth amid the market slump.

Computers July 13, 2017

Hackers Inject Malware Into Video App HandBrake For Mac: How To Check If Your Computer Is Compromised

Hackers were able to compromise one of the download mirrors for the Mac version of the popular open source video transcoder app HandBrake. Users who recently downloaded the software are advised to check if their computer has been infected with malware.

Security May 9, 2017

Apple Mac Pro Announcement Means A Lot To Loyal Users: Here's Why

Apple recently revealed that a major overhaul will come next year to its flagship desktop Mac model, the Mac Pro. The announcement means a lot to loyal users, who have been waiting for years for an upgrade to the computer.

Apple April 6, 2017

macOS Sierra Adds Night Shift Mode So You Can Sleep Better At Night

You can now use the popular iOS Night Shift mode on your Mac. Apple is rolling out the Night Shift feature with its macOS 10.12.4 available now in Mac App Store.

Apple March 29, 2017

Connect Your Nintendo Switch Joy-Cons To Mac, Android, PC Via Bluetooth

The Joy-Con controllers of Nintendo Switch can be connected to Macs and Windows desktops via Bluetooth. This enables the player to engage in games on the computer using the Joy-Con controllers.

Video Games March 7, 2017

Google Chromebooks Beating Apple iPads, Macs In US Classrooms: New HP Chromebook For Education Unveiled

Over the past few years, Google has been taking away the market share of Apple in the education sector. The accomplishment is made possible by the Chrome OS-powered Chromebooks, such as the new one by HP that was recently unveiled.

Computers March 6, 2017

Sorry, But Your Oculus Rift Won’t Work On Macs Anytime Soon, Says Cofounder

The cofounder of Oculus has confirmed that Mac support for Oculus Rift headsets isn’t in the company’s roadmap, so don’t expect it anytime soon. But the idea shouldn’t be scrapped entirely, too.

Wearable Tech March 3, 2017

Is Apple Making A New iPhone Connector Again?

New reports are causing uproar online for revealing that Apple may be introducing a new connector to replace its Lightning port. Latest reports, however, indicate that such connector will be built as an intermediary in the cables of accessories.

Apple February 7, 2017

Skype Is Getting Better But Older Versions Won't Work From March

Skype is all set to get better and Microsoft has stated that users need to update their apps to the latest version. Come March, the older version of Skype will not function.

Apps/Software February 4, 2017

Here's How Microsoft Plans To Demolish Mac, Rivals

In an event, Microsoft outlined a strategy that will give next-generation Windows computers edge over the competition. This involves three criteria that aims to foster hardware innovation and differentiated user experience.

Microsoft February 3, 2017

iTunes Update Brings Minor Performance Improvements To Mac And Windows

Apple has pushed out an update with minor bug fixes alongside performance improvements for iTunes on both the Mac and Windows platforms. iOS 10.2.1, macOS 10.12.3, watchOS 3.1.3 and tvOS 10.1 updates were also released along with the iTunes update.

Apps/Software January 24, 2017

Raspberry Pi PIXEL Desktop Environment For Mac And PC Can Breathe New Life Into Old Machines

The Raspberry Pi PIXEL desktop environment has now become available for Mac and PC, promising to revive even old machines that are too slow to run modern operating systems. Here's what you need to know.

Computers December 22, 2016

Apple May Be 'Losing Focus' Despite Tim Cook's Promise Of 'Great Desktops': Report

Fans are worried that Apple's line of desktop computers are being neglected by the company. Tim Cook assuaged this fear in a statement made to employees.

Computers December 21, 2016

Don't Lose Or Break Your AirPods Bud: Apple Will Charge $69 For A Replacement

Apple has already announced the price tag of lost AirPods shortly after the wireless peripheral went on sale. The company allows for the replacement of only one piece, which could save money for those who lost or damaged just one unit.

Apple December 15, 2016

Google Featured Photos Screensaver Rolls Out To Mac

Previously exclusive to Pixel phones, Google Fiber and Chromecast devices, Google’s Featured Photos screensaver app is rolling out to Mac and Android devices. Sorry, Windows.

Apps/Software November 30, 2016

Apple Tested Touch Screens On Macs, But Found It Absurd: MacBook Pro With Touch Bar Is As Far As It Goes

Apple has apparently toyed with the idea of adding multi-touch to the Mac, but thought it would be a disaster. The MacBook Pro's touch bar is one thing, but adding touch to a 27-inch iMac would be absurd and it's not going to happen, says Apple's Phil Schiller.

Apple November 14, 2016

Apple Slashes Up To $200 Off On Storage Upgrades For Older Mac Computers

Apple has quietly reduced the prices to upgrade the storage of older Mac models by up to $200. The price cuts were made after the company unveiled the new MacBook Pro models.

Apple November 2, 2016

iPhone, iPad And Mac Sales Are All Down In Q4: Services The Lone Bright Spot For Apple

Apple reported lower sales figures for the iPhone, iPad and Mac in the fourth quarter of the 2016 fiscal year. Apple's Services, which includes Apple Pay, Apple Music, the App Store and iTunes, provides a bright spot for the company.

Apple October 26, 2016

Apple October 27 MacBook Event Now Official: Here's A Quick Summary Of What To Expect

Apple has confirmed the rumored Oct. 27 event as it has sent out invitations to journalists. What are the announcements that Apple is expected to make at the upcoming event?

Apple October 21, 2016

Attention, Evernote For Mac Users: Update Your App ASAP If You Want To Avoid Ruining Your Notes

Evernote has notified several of its Mac users about a bug that causes some attachments in notes to go missing. The company has advised Evernote for Mac users to update to version 6.9.1 immediately to prevent further loss of attachments.

Apps/Software October 14, 2016

Apple Mac Sales Keep Sliding, Marking 13.4 Percent Drop In Growth: Will New Macs Turn Things Around?

Amid a sluggish PC market and a lack of updates, Apple's Mac sales have dropped 13.4 percent. Will the upcoming MacBook Pro and MacBook Air be able to boost sales again?

Apple October 13, 2016

It's Official: MacOS Sierra Now Has A Release Date, And It's This September

Apple has finally announced a solid release date for the new macOS Sierra, and it's coming this September. Before bidding adieu to OS X, here are the new features in store, including Siri integration, Universal Clipboard and more.

Apple September 8, 2016

It's Official: PlayStation Now Bringing Console Experience To The PC With DualShock 4 Support

Sony officially announces the arrival of PlayStation Now to the PC and unveils the DualShock 4 USB Wireless Adaptor that lets gamers connect their PS4 controllers wirelessly to the desktop.

Video Games August 24, 2016

Google Will No Longer Support Chrome Apps On Windows, Mac And Linux By Early 2018: Why?

Google will gradually phase out support for Chrome apps on Windows, Mac and Linux, with access to the apps from these platforms ending by early 2018. Chrome apps, however, will remain supported by Chrome OS for the foreseeable future.

Google August 19, 2016

‘Stardew Valley’ Now Available On Mac And Linux

'Stardew Valley' is now available on Mac and Linux. It may have taken a few months after the game’s original release but now more will be able to enjoy the hit farming simulator.

Video Games July 30, 2016

iPhone Sales Continue to Slide, But Apple Still Beats Analyst Estimates For Q3 2016 Revenue

Apple was able to beat analyst estimates for the third quarter of its fiscal year. Sales figures for the iPhone continue to decline, but the company is focusing on the growth of its services.

Apple July 27, 2016

Apple Trademarks 'Night Shift,' Indicates Possible Expansion To Watch, Mac, CarPlay And TV

Apple is trademarking its newest ‘Night Shift’ feature on iOS devices in preparation for expansions onto current and future Apple products like fire extinguishers, dog whistles, electric fences, and egg-candlers. Literally any Apple product you can think of.

Apple July 5, 2016

Siri For Mac Shows Her Face In Leaked Screenshots Of OS X 10.12 And Has A Few Tricks Up Her Sleeve

It's better late than never. Leaked images of Mac OS X 10.12 show the iOS digital assistant, Siri, will make the jump to Apple's desktop OS, further blurring the lines between iOS and OS X.

Apple May 20, 2016

Apple Releases OS X 10.11.5, But Still No Safari Crash Fix

Apple has just released the next update for its Macs, OS X 10.11.5. Despite the list of fixes and improvements in the release, Safari still remains prone to crashing and freezing the OS.

Apple May 17, 2016

WhatsApp Launches Desktop App For The PC And Mac: Here's How To Download It

WhatsApp finally launched a standalone app for desktops running on Windows and Mac OS.

Life & Style May 11, 2016

Ransomware On Mac? Block It Now With This Tool

There’s some bad news for the Ransomware gang. A former NSA security expert, Patrick Wardle, has come up with a possible solution in the form of Ransomwhere? tool, which detects the virus movements and stops them in their tracks.

Apps/Software April 23, 2016

Skype Chatbots Now Up On Mac And Web

Skype chatbots are now available on both Mac and the Web. That means users can get in touch with the likes of Murphy or Summarize on more platforms.

Apps/Software April 20, 2016

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