Fans of Lara Croft GO can finally play a new chapter of the popular puzzle adventure game.

Square Enix Montreal just released a new story chapter titled "Mirror of Spirits" for Lara Croft GO on Steam.

And while the game is available on Steam for $9.99, the new expansion can now be played for free.

Developed with the indie studio KO_OP, the "Mirror of Spirits" expansion includes new puzzles to be solved, introduces new mechanics, where players can earn new achievements, trophies and more.

This brings new challenges to those who have already fallen for this Lara Croft title that first launched for mobile devices in October 2015.

The turn-based game has players solving puzzles, dodging obstacles like rolling boulders and cracked paths, while steering clear of enemies includes snakes and lizards while on the hunt for ancient artifacts.

The successful mobile title, which has won various awards including Apple's iPhone Game of The Year award in 2015 and the Apple Design Award in 2016, then launched for PS4, PS Vita and the PC last December.

To show what gamers can expect from "Mirror of Spirits," Square Enix Montreal released a new game trailer that includes gameplay footage from the new chapter.

The new content features blue and green colors, with Croft seeing a mirror image of herself throughout the different puzzles.

"It's been a real honor to develop a whole new chapter for Lara Croft GO with the talented creative team at KO_OP," said Antoine Routon, Technical Director, at Square Enix Montréal. "We feel that veteran players will find the story chapter a new challenge, whilst retaining the spirit of the original Lara Croft GO."

PC gamers can start playing "Mirror of Spirits" now, with Lara Croft GO currently on sale for just $4.99 for a limited-time on Steam. Check out the new content in the trailer below.

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