Nexon and developer Neople launched a brand new game in the app stores on Thursday that will captive mobile gamers one puzzle at a time.

Called After The End: Forsaken Destiny, this title is a 3D puzzle adventure game that takes place in an ancient world and follows the journey of a father and son who are separated by time but are connected by fate.

With dramatic cinematic camera movement during the story parts and impressive graphics to showcase the 3D ancient environments, After The End is visually captivating, which only helps immerse the player.

The player controls the character across the world in a total of 12 episodes. Each chapter brings with it a new level, which is set up like an obstacle course. This will be familiar to anyone who has played similar titles like Lara Croft Go.

The objective is to navigate through the level, dodging the bad guys and other obstacles, while pulling levers to move paths, climbing up and down ladders, and collecting orbs along the way to finally solve the puzzles on music boxes to get to the next Episode.

Like Lara Croft Go, the puzzles increase in difficulty (with new gameplay mechanics being introduced) as the chapters progress—especially when it comes to solving the ones for the music boxes. However, the game in general is a bit easier than the Tomb Raider mobile game, making it less frustrating while still being a good challenge.

"After The End's variety in puzzle mechanics will challenge players to look beyond what they see on the surface, in order to find the correct path to move forward through this imaginative world we've created," Jaeeun Park, Producer at Neople said in a press release.

The controls are easy to master, simply move by dragging the left thumb on the screen, tap right to interact with objects, and move the right thumb around to change the camera angle for 360-degree views. The user also must tap multiple times on the right to run, something needed to outrun the boulder in Chapter 3: History's Indiana Jones moment.

Users are given 20 lives every chapter, also which will come handy when running away from that boulder.

As the gamer progresses through the Episodes, they will continue to uncover the secrets about the father and son who are tasked with destroying evil spirits for their tribe, as well as see how the two timelines are connected by fate.

With its stunning graphics, compelling storyline, and the feeling of achievement after solving the puzzles, After The End is hard to put down.

After the End: Forsaken Destiny is now available to download for iOS and Android for $3.99.

While it's not a free app, it is definitely worth checking out for those who enjoy a good adventure puzzle game. Addition Episodes are expected to be released later this year so that players can continue the journey.

Check out the game's trailer below.

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