A cool iOS 11 concept video is making rounds, envisioning how Apple's next mobile operating system could look like and the features it could bring to the table.

Recent leaks have been mostly focusing on the next-generation iPhone 8 that's still months away from an unveiling, but the new iOS 11 should make its debut sooner at Apple's WWDC 2017 in early June.

In anticipation of the big unveiling, designer Jacek Zięba has come up with a neat concept video illustrating a slew of new features that could grace iOS 11, based on recent rumors and speculation.

iOS 11 Concept: Dark Mode, Group FaceTime, Siri Assistant, And More

Apple has been doing a pretty good job at keeping iOS 11 under wraps and not a lot of information hit the surface, but a few unsubstantiated leaks still hinted at some exciting features to come.

An intriguing Dark Mode could lend a sleeker look to the user interface, group FaceTime video calls could improve communication, split-screen functionality could allow for simultaneous app use on the iPhone, Siri Assistant could help out with more tasks, improved 3D toggles could enhance the user experience, and more exciting features could be in tow.

The Split Screen feature for the iPhone would likely be among the most welcomed additions, as it would finally allow users to multitask and enjoy two apps at once. For instance, users could browse the web, send a message, or check their email while watching a video on YouTube at the same time.

The concept video also shows how iOS 11 could handle multiple user accounts, employing a hidden Function Area like a user tray on the lock screen. Apple already offers a similar function for its iOS 10 iPads for education, albeit the feature is not available outside the classroom.

At the same time, the prospect of group FaceTime video calling is no less exciting. A rumor hinted in this direction back in January and no subsequent leaks or reports corroborated it, but Zięba nonetheless envisioned this option too and it looks pretty great. In his concept, group FaceTime offers a split view and a window with floating picture-in-picture view for three or more video feeds.

iOS 11 Tweaks

Other neat tweaks include a rotation lock just for video streamers, and a toggle UI for system level volume that doesn't show on top of the video being played. YouTube, Instagram, and other apps already use this trick, but the stock Apple UI for iOS features a rather large volume indicator. This change would be subtle, but highly effective.

Zięba also included several improvements such as enhanced support for the 3D Touch Control Center, better storage management, and a new mode for alerts.

While this looks exciting and plausible, however, keep in mind that it's just a concept video and does not depict the real iOS 11. Rumors about the next iOS version are pretty thin at this point and it's tough to say what exactly it will bring to the table, but the concept video nonetheless offers a glimpse into what could be in the mix.

That said, check out the video below to see how Zięba envisions iOS 11.

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