Tinder is helping empower women by launching a new social media campaign that will raise some major bucks for women's causes.

Some people may look at Tinder has just another way men can objectify women, only swiping right based on that female's looks.

However, others see Tinder as a powerful platform for women since they can actively take charge in who they are looking to date, denying and accepting connections as they see fit. After all, women have the right to be on the prowl and look for a one night's stand as much as men do.

And Tinder's new campaign is further standing with women by supporting women's organizations around the world.

In honor of International Women's Day, the annual celebration to commemorate the women's rights movement, Tinder launched a new campaign called #FundHerCause that encourages people to show their support at well.

Created in partnership with Pledgling.com, the  #FundHerCause program asks anyone who is proud to support women to send a tweet to help raise donations.

All the user has to do is tweet @Tinder with the cause they care about with the campaign hashtag #FundHerCause.  Tinder will then send the user a code that unlocks $100 that will be donated to that charity.

The user then checks out www.tinder.fund to select the cause to donate. Tinder has the goal to raise up to half a million dollars to women's causes.

Tinder has selected 12 causes that people can choose from, which include the following organizations: Planned Parenthood, Women for Women, Girls Who Code, UN Women, She Lift She's the First, Partners in Health, Tostan, Baby2Baby, Beck's Fund, Grameen America, Girls Not Brides.

As of early Wednesday morning, Tinder raised $550 through the #FundHerCause campaign.

"All around the world, women are bucking societal norms—they're breaking down barriers, they're breaking with tradition, and by doing so, they may even be breaking the law—all for something the rest of us consider a basic human right," Tinder writes in a blog post. "They are bold. They are brave. They are badass. Whether climbing their way to the top of their trade or making their mark with a single act of defiance, they're the torchbearers of women's rights and they're fighting for us all."

Start tweeting to donate to support and empower women to help Tinder swipe right for sisterhood. 

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