We live in a society where it seems like the only way to meet someone new to start a serious relationship with is through dating apps. But using these platforms leave users at risk of finding out the one they have been talking to was too good to be true after finally meeting in person. Not to mention there is always the worst case scenario: getting catfished.

This means that users often do some investigating of their own to make sure that their match is really who they say they are. But doing this for every potential suitor is just too much work.

Now there is a new app that will do all the social media stalking for you.

Launched on Wednesday for iOS and Android, Taken Mate is an app tailored for those who are looking for realness and honesty when it comes to being paired with someone virtually.

Taken Mate looks at all the social network profiles of its users to be able to identify key information to verify that they are who they say they are. Think of it as a tool  that will do a social media background check on the person you are interested in so that you don't have to.

"Taken Mate empowers people with the information they need to date safely and honestly, and the best part about the app is that you can use it in conjunction with whatever dating app you're already using," Matt Condensa, CEO of Taken Mate told Tech Times.  "Whether you match with someone online or meet at a bar, Taken Mate is there to verify that your potential suitor is being truthful about who they are. Our app removes some of the uncertainty from dating so that people can focus on what really matters - genuine relationships with honest people."

The app checks the user's marital status to eliminate those who are married on Facebook, but secretly on other dating apps pretending to be single, as well as verifying their education and occupation.

The platform does this by asking users to sync their social media accounts for Facebook, Tinder, Twiter and LinkedIn. Taken Mate then users its algorithm to then aggregate this data to then present custom user profiles that highlights the most important information found.

Taken Mate uses a green, yellow, red stoplight system to identify users, with green meaning that user is 100 percent single and ready to mingle.

Taken Mate fosters genuine social interactions in our modern world by providing individuals
confidence to pursue new relationships," Taken Mate's Chief Marketing Officer Justin Parnell said in a press release. "Taken Mate empowers people to embrace their communities and share new experiences with others without fear they are being fooled."

And while this app for daters helps users to connect with people based on honesty, it also puts user's safety first. Taken Mate uses the National Sex Offender database to identity any registered sex offenders anywhere in the U.S. so that people know from the start who this person really is.

This is especially important because users as young of 13-year-old can use the app.

Users can look up registered users by they phone number, email or name to view their profile. Those who aren't using Taken Mate can be sent a link that will redirect them to create their own profile.

And besides being a single's personal private investigator, Taken Mate is also worth the download because the company is all about giving back. Each time the app is downloaded, Taken Mate donates one of six charities that includes: Chan Zuckerberg Initiative, Oprah Winfrey Angel Network, Susan G. Komen for the Cure, RAINN, Make-a-Wish Foundation, and
the ASPCA.

Download Taken Mate now in the app stores.

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