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Tinder Launches Fund Her Cause Campaign To Empower Through Donations On International Women’s Day

Tinder is donating up to $250,000 to women’s causes through a new campaign to celebrate International Women’s Day.

Apps/Software March 8, 2017

Expectant, New Moms Suffer Increasing Amount Of Unfair Treatment At Work: Citizens Advice

Pregnant women and new moms continue to suffer an increasing amount of unfair treatment at work, a report by Citizens Advice revealed. This suggests that pregnancy discrimination is still prevalent.

Public Health May 2, 2016

Low-Fat Diet Could Reduce Deadly Breast Cancer Risk For Older Women

Sticking to a low-fat, high-fruit and vegetable diet could reduce women's risks of getting diagnosed with breast cancer and then dying from any cause, a new study revealed. Researchers say the benefit is clear.

Life April 20, 2016

California Now Allows Pharmacists To Provide Birth Control To Women

California pharmacists can now provide birth control contraceptives to girls and women in the state as the law that allows it became fully effective Friday. Anyone who decides to do so has to answer a questionnaire to ensure that the method is safe for them.

Life April 9, 2016

Women Still Earn Less Money Than Men, Research On Gender Pay Gap Reveals

The gender pay gap still exists, and a large part of it is not caused by workplace discrimination, a new report by Glassdoor revealed. It is possible that the distribution of women and men per occupation is at play.

Society March 26, 2016

UK Company To Provide Women Employees Period Policy During Menstrual Cycle

A British firm has embraced a new period policy that will allow female employees to take day offs during their menstrual cycle. The company hopes others will follow suit.

Life March 6, 2016

At Least 200 Million Girls And Women Are Victims Of Genital Mutilation Worldwide, UN Reports

Millions of women and girls all over the world continue to become victims of genital mutilation. Human rights organizations are calling on the complete abandonment of the practice by 2030.

Society February 8, 2016

Salma Hayek's Advice To Young Girls: Don't Blend In

And here we were, thinking that Salma Hayek couldn't be any more perfect. You probably want to be part of her family when you find out the kind of advice she gives to her 8-year-old daughter.

Internet Culture October 12, 2015

Facebook Brings Gender Equality To Its New Friends Icon

Facebook recently redesigned its friend icons to put the female figure slightly in front of the male one. It's a small change, but it could have a big impact on gender equality.

Internet July 8, 2015

Growing Number Of Highly Educated US Women Having More Children And Bigger Families: Study

More women with college degrees are having children, study indicates. Findings suggest women finding it easier to balance work and having a family.

Life May 10, 2015

Equal Pay Day 2015: 6 Things You Need To Know About The Gender Wage Gap

April 14, 2015 is this year's annual Equal Pay Day. Here's what you need to know about how far we've come in closing the gender wage gap and how far we still have to go.

Feature April 14, 2015

Barbie Is The First Woman That Appears In Google Image Search For 'CEO'

Quick, search for 'CEO' on Google Image Search, and what do you see? You'll have to look hard to find a female CEO, and when you do, she won't actually be a woman.

Internet Culture April 10, 2015

LEGO's Beauty Tips To Girls Upsets Many Parents And Toy Company Apologizes On Twitter

From creativity to construction to spatial skills, children can learn a lot from playing with LEGOs. But something the company should probably stay away from teaching is beauty.

Internet Culture March 18, 2015

Pat Robertson Explains ‘Fifty Shades Of Grey’ As Only Pat Robertson Can Do

Host of 'The 700 Club' Pat Robertson made an attempt to explain 'Fifty Shades of Grey,' making it obvious that he didn't see the movie or read the book himself.

Movies/TV Shows February 24, 2015

Uber Promises Better Passenger Security After India Rape Case

Uber vows to take new steps to keep passengers and drivers more secure. So what does it plan to do? Uber doesn’t exactly say.

Society December 19, 2014

The Second Most Popular Form Of Birth Control Is Not What You Think

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention just released a new report on contraceptive use among women. This included the most popular forms of birth control, and the findings will surprise you.

Internet Culture December 12, 2014

Women With Power At Work Are More Depressed Than Male Counterparts

A new study says women in positions of authority at work show more depressive symptoms than men in the same role. Why is that and what does it mean for women in the workplace?

Internet Culture November 20, 2014

Hello Kitty turns 40: Is she still relevant?

Hello Kitty turns 40 today, Nov. 1. Clearly, society has changed a lot since 1974, so do people still identify with the character after all these years?

Movies/TV Shows November 1, 2014

This new piece of jewelry could help save lives

The SIREN may look like just another statement ring. However, it has a hidden feature that could potentially save a woman from a life-threatening situation.

Geek October 31, 2014

Microsoft tweets joke about raises, and no one is laughing

Two weeks after Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella made some unfortunate comments about women asking for raises, the Microsoft Developers Twitter account decided to joke about raises. Spoiler alert: It wasn't funny.

Internet Culture October 26, 2014

Watch a woman walk through life in less than 4 minutes

Celia Bullwinkel created a beautiful short animated film called 'Sidewalk' that showcases what it's like to be a woman. Watch as a woman walks through life and learns how to love herself again.

Internet Culture September 26, 2014

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