FBI Continues Probe Into Trump Computer Server Link To Russia: It Could Be Innocent


President Donald Trump has the tendency to argue with media and celebrities, as well as make interesting speculations and theories on Twitter, but his recent accusation against the Obama administration sparked concern from law experts.

Experts have weighed in on how Trump's series of wiretapping accusations  against former President Barack Obama and his administration would make his own administration sound questionable regardless of legitimacy. Now sources reveal that the Federal Bureau of Investigation and computer scientists continue to examine the possible link between the Trump Organization and Alfa Bank.

Server Communication Could Be Innocent

There was reportedly no Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act warrant on Trump servers despite the allegations that the Trump administration had been communicating with Russia during the 2016 U.S. elections. However, the same FBI counterintelligence team looking into the accusation is keeping the case open to carefully scrutinize the odd activities between the Trump Organization and the Russian bank's servers.

Alfa Bank insists that its servers may have automatically looked into Trump servers after it received spam mail from Trump-owned hotels. The spam mail could have triggered a cybersecurity measure that caused it to respond with a Domain Name System server lookup for a certain

Computer scientists agree that such an explanation is possible but some still question why the Alfa Bank servers looked up Trump's and the organization's contact information so many times, to the point that it represents 80 percent of the searches to the Trump server.

There is still no evidence if the Trump server actually actively responded to the lookups but those who looked into the data maintained that the unusual server activity still establishes intent to communicate.

"It's not so much a smoking gun as a faint whiff of smoke a long way away. Maybe there's something else going on. It's hard to tell," Cambridge University computer researcher Richard Clayton said.

Why This Is Such A Big Deal

Moving away from the political aspect, investigators believe that the case is simply too strange to be ignored, even if we just look at the numbers.

According to the data, Alfa Bank looked up contact information to the Trump corporate server 2,820 times, with Spectrum Health being at second place with 714 of the same type of search - and that is only from the period of May 4 to Sept. 23, 2016.

Perhaps the Trump administration really had no intention to communicate with any Russian institution but the numbers alone show that there is definitely something strange with the Alfa Bank server's activities in relation to the Trump server, so until investigators finally find a definitive answer, we will all probably hear more about the issue.

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