With everything that's been going on in the world, it's not uncommon to worry about your safety and privacy both in person and online especially since Fortune 1000 companies and powerful individuals aren't the only ones that are vulnerable to hackers and data breaches. In fact anyone who has access to the internet and IoT devices can be compromised.

If you're worried about cyber-attacks and privacy breaches, here are some things you may do to protect yourself and your gadgets.

Do Not Click

Emails are some of the easiest ways for any hacker to install programs on your computer that can essentially spy on you and your device. The scary thing is, they look like very credible and reliable emails that can trick you into clicking on some dangerous links that can eventually compromise your privacy and security.

Regardless if you're a really important government personnel with important government information in your computer or if you just value your privacy, be very careful about the things you click on in your emails.

Two-Factor Authentication (2FA)

You know the times when you have to check your email or phone to authenticate your password inputs? That's the one. They're a little bit of an inconvenience but that one simple step that takes two minutes can give your devices and accounts that extra protection against hackers. While the 2FA is not impervious to hackers, it does give that extra hoop that hackers will have to jump through, so you may want to turn it on.

Install The Newest Operating System

The longer an OS is around, the more holes hackers can poke through. Simply put, if you're still using an old OS, there's a larger possibility that hackers already have a map of the whole OS and a key that allows them easy access to get in and out. So though it may be a little inconvenient and takes some time to get used to, those updates actually help safeguard your devices with every new update they roll out.

Choose Your Messaging Software Wisely

In today's world, there are a few things that people do not expose on their social media accounts, but that doesn't mean that you're willing to give your privacy up. Choosing secure, encrypted software such as WhatsApp and Telegram can boost the privacy of your devices and chat information. If in doubt, just use a landline. At least landlines don't leave digital trails.

Still Paranoid?

If you're really paranoid about someone watching your device's camera, why not just install covers? A simple paper taped over your device's camera can ease your worries of hackers looking into your private life. It's not really a paranoid thing to do since even hackers do it to protect themselves from other hackers.

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