Exciting news popping up from the rumor vine. It appears as if former Spartacus star, Jai Courtney, is in talks with Warner Bros. to play Deadshot. Many have believed that this role would be given to Will Smith, but it seems the folks behind the film are more interested in courting Courtney.

If this is indeed the truth, then Jai Courtney could be on the verge of landing the role of a lifetime. It could also open the door for other opportunities within the DC Cinematic Universe, or even a standalone film if fans fall in love with Deadshot.

We have never seen Deadshot on the big screen before, so dropping the character in the Suicide Squad film is definitely a great move if the rumors hold true. For those who are unaware, Deadshot's only live action appearance is on the Arrow, and we must admit, we were not that impressed. Then again, we're not impressed with many things done on the Arrow.

So far, Jai Courtney is just the latest rumored cast of the DC Comic Suicide Squad film. Recently, we've heard talks of Jared Leto becoming The Joker, and that's great if it is true, because we believe he possesses the acting skills to pull off the character. Can he do it better than Heath Ledger? Difficult to say, but we will see eventually.

Next up, is Margot Robbie, the actress from Wolf of Wall Street. If anyone have watched this film, then it is clear that she is more than capable of taking the character, Harley Quinn, to new heights.

We've never seen Harley in a live action big screen film before, so we're curious how DC and Warner Bros. plan on portraying her character. All we ask is that if the writers of Suicide Squad should make sure Harley is fun and dangerous at the same time.

Other characters rumored for this film, are Captain Boomerang and Rick Flag. Several reports have claimed that Will Smith will take the roll of Captain Boomerang while Tom Hardy will tackle Rick Flag.

On the other hand, Jesse Eisenberg could return to reprise his role as Lex Luthor, though we are not sure what his purpose will be.

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