News about the Galaxy Note 4 phablet has been out since September. Now the company gave the device a unique counterpart that definitely feather the same powerful features of the Note 4. Dubbed as the Galaxy Note Edge, the device sports a Snapdragon 805 processor and the uniquely curved Quad HD display.

On its official blog, Samsung says that the metal frame that runs on the sides of the Galaxy Note Edge device makes it gain more rigidity.

Samsung added that the Edge has been through several durability tests. These tests are "designed to simulate the different angles it may fall because of the edge screen and how the edge screen changes the way the device is gripped," said Samsung.

Another feature that the Galaxy Note Edge has adopted from the Galaxy Note 4 is its 16MP rear camera that is built with digital zoom of 8x and Optical Image Stabilization. Moreover, it has a front-facing camera of 3.7MP equipped with a wide-angle lens, making it perfect for a selfies or groupies.

Most of the queries on the Galaxy Note Edge focused on the device's curved display and metal frame. People have been wondering what could happen if the device is accidentally dropped. They wanted to know if the screen on the side would break or crack easily and the role that the metal frame plays.

"If you take the device, you can see that the metal frame pops out a bit from the screen," said Samsung. This means that when the device is accidentally dropped, the impact goes first to the metal frame.

This means that if the device is dropped in a manner that is similar to how other regular smartphones are dropped, the impact of the drop will not be placed on the display. The device, basically speaking, is quite durable.

Users wanted to know if the touch screen display on the side would be prone to accidental activation of the device's applications. According to Samsung, the device's edge screen has the unique capacity to distinguish whether it is being touched by one's finger or palm. The engineers also added a grip solution which enables the device to recognize various information such as grip, intentional gesture and unintentional touch.

Samsung's Galaxy Note Edge is going on sale in the U.S. on today, Nov. 14. It will also be available for preorder in the UK.

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