Amazon sent out emails notifying customers of canceled preorders for Persona 5, prompting concerns that the North America release of the game might again be delayed.

However, not all versions of the game were affected by the cancellations, as only the Steelbook and Take Your Heart special editions were canceled by Amazon.

Amazon Cancels 'Persona 5' Steelbook, Take Your Heart Preorders

According to the e-mail sent out by Amazon to customers, preorders for the Steelbook and Take Your Heart editions of Persona 5 were canceled due to a defect caused by the manufacturer.

Amazon claims that the entire inventory its received for the two special editions of Persona 5 included a major defect that was detected by a customer. An investigation was then launched to check if all the items had the same problem, leading to the decision by Amazon to return the games back to the manufacturer and cancel mass orders.

In another email, Amazon claimed that the special editions of Persona 5 contained "dangerous goods" that will require the retailer to deliver the items in a specific way that Amazon would not be able to provide.

The canceled preorders of the Persona 5 Steelbook and Take Your Heart editions, however, was apparently only made by Amazon, with no other retailers making the same move.

The $59.99 Steelbook edition includes a collectible case that features the Persona 5 characters, while the $89.99 Take Your Heart edition also includes the Steelbook, plus a four-inch plush toy of Morgana, soundtrack CD, a 64-page book on the art of Persona 5, a school bad, and a collectible box. It is unclear what specific component was classified as dangerous goods, but given that the Steelbook is present in both special editions, it could be what Amazon sees as the culprit.

'Persona 5' Special Editions To Be Delayed?

The canceled preorders for the special editions of Persona 5 sparked outrage among games, primarily because the game has already been delayed in coming to North America after its Japan release. Was another delay in the cards?

Fortunately, it all seems to be just a huge mistake. One of the customers who preordered a Persona 5 special edition was apparently told by an Amazon representative that the cancellations were only a mistake and that he was requested to send in another preorder, with shipping costs to be dropped.

Atlus, the developer of Persona 5, confirmed the misunderstanding through a post on its Facebook page, claiming that it was surprised with the reported Amazon cancellations of preorders for the game's special editions.

Atlus received word from Amazon that there was indeed nothing defective nor dangerous about the Persona 5 special editions, and contrary to previous reports on mass cancellations, only a small number of Amazon sales were affected. Customers who received a notification of a canceled preorder should contact Amazon for support, Atlus recommended.

It seems that gamers looking forward to Persona 5 should no longer be worried that the game will be delayed further. After Persona 5 was released in Japan in September of last year, the North America launch was delayed until February this year, then later pushed back to April 4.

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