For serious Pokémon GO gamers, no speed limit can stop them from playing the game.

A Pokémon GO gamer recently discovered how to bypass the speed cap of the game via a neat exploit. The restriction is developer Niantic's response after receiving flaks for untoward incidents such as heart attacks and road mishaps. The mobile game, with its immersive features such as evolutions and rare Pokémon catches, is enjoying a global success, especially with city dwellers.

Bypassing The Speed Limit

To prevent people from playing the game Pokémon GO while driving and thus prevent accidents, Niantic installed a safety measure into the game: a speed cap. If the game detects you are traveling at 30 miles per hour or faster, it will automatically prevent you from spinning PokéStops and collecting items. Also, Pokémon within the area will stop spawning.

However, like in real life, people will surely find a way to bypass this limit. A Reddit user and Pokémon GO gamer CatFrogArts posted how to go around it by opening up the in-game journal and closing it immediately before reaching a PokéStop.

Opening and closing the journal causes the game to load. This tricks the game by stopping it from detecting the game's speed so the player will have a short window of time to effectively dodge the speed cap and spin his PokéStops to get the goodies.

Surely, the trick will be a boon for players riding as commuter in cars, buses, or trains, but drivers may use this too, which may be a serious game loophole. It will not be surprising if Niantic take steps to patch this in future updates.

Pokémon GO And Players' Safety

Pokémon GO was released in July 2016 and immediately became a global craze and commercial success, amassing 650 million downloads and $1 billion in revenue. It is a mobile augmented reality version of the popular monster-collecting game Pokémon developed by Niantic and Nintendo. The game works by employing use of AR on real-world locations (via GPS technology) to spawn Pokémon to catch.

Because of its popularity and portability, the game has faced many serious risks, such as the aforementioned road accidents, mugging, and people getting shot. Niantic has taken every step to make the game safer for players, such as putting on speed caps.

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