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Goodbye, Potholes: Self-Healing Roads Could Fix Potholes Automatically And Charge Electric Cars In The Process

Dutch scientists are working on a special type of asphalt that could revolutionize infrastructure. The modified asphalt sports self-healing properties and could also charge electric vehicles on the road.

Material Science May 8, 2017

Uber Self-Driving Car Flips To Its Side In Arizona Crash: Should We Still Trust Autonomous Vehicles?

Beleaguered car tech company Uber hit another roadblock when its self-driving car got in an accident in Arizona. The incident brings to question the trustworthiness of autonomous vehicle technology.

Car Tech March 27, 2017

Pokémon GO Players Finds A Neat Trick To Bypass The Game's Speed Cap

A ‘Pokémon GO’ player discovered a glitch that can bypass the speed limit restriction of the popular mobile game. Developer Niantic put a speed limit restriction on the game to prevent accidents for those playing while driving.

Video Games March 20, 2017

Yellow Taxi Cabs Are Safer From Accidents Compared With Blue Ones, Research Claims

A study by researchers from the National University of Singapore found that yellow taxis have lower accident rates compared with blue taxis. The higher visibility of the yellow taxi cabs is tagged as the primary reason why they are safer.

Life & Style March 8, 2017

Will You Wear An Air Bag Bike Helmet?

Stanford researchers’ version of an air bag bike helmet is a foam helmet that pops out when potential collision is detected. Will you wear one for a safer bike ride?

Healthy Living/Wellness October 5, 2016

Uber Adds New Safety Features For Drivers: Daily Reports, Break Reminders And More

Uber just added more safety features for its app, making sure that both the riders and drivers get the most from the car sharing experience. Break reminders and reports on driving smoothness are important parts of the update.

Apps/Software June 30, 2016

BMW 'Intelligent Emergency Call' System For Motorcycles Debuts As First Of Its Kind

BMW aims to increase the safety of its motorcyclists by loading an 'Intelligent Emergency Call' into its bikes. The system recognizes accidents and collisions and hails an emergency service in due time.

Car Tech May 3, 2016

Track-Only Aston Martin Vulcan Will Get Road Conversion Kit So Owners Can Ride Off Track

Aston Martin CEO Andy Palmer confirmed in an exclusive interview with Autocar UK that the supercar Aston Martin Vulcan is getting a road conversion kit so owners can finally drive it on public roads.

Car Tech April 22, 2016

Tesla Autopilot System Prevents Accident, Saves Life Of Driver

Tesla Model S owner Joshua Brown shared how the car’s autopilot feature saved his life. The Tesla vehicle’s autopilot system was quick to avoid a truck abruptly merging into the same lane, preventing a possible collision.

FUTURE TECH April 20, 2016

Vehicles That Talk To Each Other May Eliminate Need For Traffic Lights

MIT scientists plans to develop a technology enabling vehicles to communicate with each other so there will be no need for traffic lights. Though this may not happen anytime soon, this technology is promising.

Earth/Environment March 19, 2016

Woman Pulls Over Police Officer For Speeding, Gets Apology

A woman caught a police car speeding in Miami. In the series of videos, she asked the officer to pull over, explained that he is going too fast, then got an apology from him.

Society February 2, 2016

Night Shift Workers At Increased Odds For Drowsy Driving Crashes: How To Reduce Accident Risks If You Work Graveyard Shifts

Night-shift workers who drive home during the daytime while drowsy are at higher risk for getting into car crashes than other drivers. Researchers suggest different ways to avoid accidents caused by drowsy driving.

Life December 23, 2015

Bing Maps Now Use Traffic Cameras To Show Road Conditions, Real-Time Traffic Snapshots

Bing Maps had an important overhaul this year, and now the Google Maps rival goes even further. The Bing Maps App got access to over 35,000 traffic cameras in 11 countries to help you plan your route seamlessly.

Apps/Software November 25, 2015

Revolights Eclipse Smart Lighting System Gives Your Bike Headlights And Turn Signals

Revolights smart lights provide a legal headlight and brake light for cyclists' bicycles, which increase visibility for night riding.

Gadgets October 26, 2015

Hands-Free Phones And Infotainment Systems Still As Distracting As Texting While Driving: Study

Researchers warned that hands-free technologies and infotainment systems can put motorists and pedestrians at risks. A study reported up to 27 seconds of inattention after talking to your smartphone or to your car.

FUTURE TECH October 23, 2015

BMW, Honda, Yamaha To Jointly Work On Connected Motorcycles, With Focus On Safety

BMW, Honda and Yamaha are focusing on motorcycle safety by establishing the Connected Motorcycle Consortium. The partnership will coordinate the implementation of smart apps for two-wheelers.

FUTURE TECH October 9, 2015

Google Wants To Make Self-Driving Cars Drive Like 'Humans': Is The Future Of Road Safety In Trouble?

Google is making its driverless cars act in a more 'humanistic' fashion. Will introducing human features beat the project's entire purpose of removing human error and making roads safer?

FUTURE TECH October 1, 2015

CDC Reports Millions Of Americans Commit DUI: How To Avoid Road Accidents

Millions have admitted to driving under the influence, according to a CDC report, highlighting the high risk that drunk driving imposes on all motorists on the road.

August 10, 2015

Uber Lowers Number Of Deaths Due To Drinking And Driving In California: Study

A study has found that UberX, Uber's economy driving service, has resulted in the drop in drinking and driving fatalities by between 3.6 percent and 5.6 percent in cities in California, where it is offered within the first three months of the launch of the service.

Business August 6, 2015

Traffic Chaos Ensues As 40-Foot Minion Blocks Dublin City Street

A 40-foot Minion balloon gave motorists a fright when it blew onto a road in Dublin, bringing traffic to a standstill.

Internet Culture August 4, 2015

Daimler’s Driverless Trucks Could Save Lives And Benefit The Environment

Daimler’s new autonomous trucks drive themselves once they make it to the highway. The fleet could help reduce road fatalities, and more fuel-efficient driving could also reduce pollution.

FUTURE TECH June 22, 2015

Bike Balls Are Bike Lights That Other Drivers Wouldn't Miss: Why? Because

Testicles-shaped bike lights called Bike Balls will definitely attract attention on the road. Bike Balls can be easily hung on a bike seat.

Gadgets May 27, 2015

Beer Bikes May Soon Be Offering Cold Beer On California Streets

Take your beer wherever you go? Those touring California might just be able to do that if SB530 becomes law. At the moment, the bill has already passed the state’s senate.

Life May 19, 2015

Distracted Driving Month: AAA Report Reveals Distracted Driving Leading Cause Of Traffic Accidents

Drugs and alcohol are no longer the top reasons for car crashes involving teen drivers. Distractions, such as talking with others, playing with digital devices, personal grooming and singing are primary actions leading to road accidents.

FUTURE TECH April 6, 2015

Volvo LifePaint Can Help Save Lives Of Cyclists: Here's How

A new reflective spray is invisible in daylight but serves as a bright marking when applied to bikes, helmets and clothing. The goal is to make nighttime recreation safer.

FUTURE TECH March 30, 2015

Study Shows Many Teens Change Their Clothes While Driving

Teens lead busy lives, so it's no surprise for one study to discover that they actually change outfits behind the wheel.

Life March 20, 2015

Ford Partners with Life360 to Help Keep Your Eyes on the Road While Driving

Ford has teamed up with Life360 to integrate the app, along with a Drive Mode, into its SYNC AppLink-enabled vehicles. With the introduction of this feature, Ford intends to promote road safety and responsible driving.

FUTURE TECH December 30, 2014

IIHS Top Safety Pick List for 2015 Is Out: Which Cars, SUVs Are the Safest on Road?

Increasing regulatory scrutiny of automakers has left a positive mark on the industry. This year’s Top Safety Pick list by the IIHS includes more cars than before.

FUTURE TECH December 26, 2014

2016 Cadillac CT6 Will Sport Streaming Video Rear-View Technology

Blind spots will hopefully become a thing of the past, with new automotive technology that allows drivers to see more in rear-view mirror.

FUTURE TECH December 19, 2014

Uber Promises Better Passenger Security After India Rape Case

Uber vows to take new steps to keep passengers and drivers more secure. So what does it plan to do? Uber doesn’t exactly say.

Society December 19, 2014

Potentially Dangerous Guardrail Currently Being Tested for Safety

A lot of dangers already exist on the road. To keep motorists safe, guardrails are being tested to determine if they are meeting standards set by federal agencies.

FUTURE TECH December 19, 2014

316,357: Number of GM Vehicles Recalled Over Bum Headlights

General Motors announces another recall, this time involving sedans and SUVs fitted with low-beam headlamps that stop working.

FUTURE TECH December 2, 2014

Senior Drivers Support Tougher License Renewal Rules to Keep Roads Safer

Senior citizens that are still driving believe that tougher laws should be implemented for fellow senior citizens that are still on the road. As it stands, only 33 states have additional requirements for license renewals of senior citizen drivers.

FUTURE TECH December 2, 2014

Shocking: Honda Failed to Report 1729 Deaths, Injuries to US Authorities Since 2003

Honda fails to report nearly 2,000 deaths and injuries involving its cars. The car maker chalks it up to errors in data entry and programming.

FUTURE TECH November 25, 2014

NYC slaps 25 mph speed limit to reduce traffic-related accidents

New York City drivers will need to step on the brakes. A new law mandating the default speed limit at 25 miles per hour was enforced on Nov. 7.

Society November 9, 2014

Woman hit by two trucks and still alive. Define miracle [Video]

Jasmien Claeys had a miraculous survival after her car was totaled by two trucks when she attempted to change lanes a bit too quickly on a freeway in August. She suffered only two broken vertebrae and a crushed hand.

Internet Culture October 16, 2014

Seattle, Boston top index of safest U.S. cities for pedestrians

The Pedestrian Safety Index, published by Liberty Mutual Insurance, hopes to raise awareness on how to keep pedestrians safe on the streets. It also identifies the best practices in the most pedestrian-safe cities such as Seattle and Boston.

Society October 9, 2014

Using hands-free device in cars dangerously distracting to drivers: Study

A new study found that using hands-free devices for cars may be more distracting than making a phone call on a standard smartphone. The findings contradict popular belief among drivers.

FUTURE TECH October 8, 2014

Subaru WRX wins ignominious title of America's most ticketed car: The others are...

The Subaru WRX is the most ticketed car in the United States, followed closely by a slew of other vehicles that appeal to the younger market.

FUTURE TECH October 1, 2014

Texting on Google Glass while driving is not safer than using a smartphone (It's cooler, though)

A study from the University of Central Florida claims that texting and driving while wearing Google Glass is as distracting as using a smartphone. However, Google Glass users were quicker in recovering from an accident.

Wearable Tech September 29, 2014

Texting using Google Glass while driving not safer than using smartphones: Study

A new study reveals that drivers using the Google Glass to send text messages while driving can get distracted. The level of distraction is similar to when a smartphone is used.

Wearable Tech September 26, 2014

ComSonics radar gun promises safer streets: It detects if you're texting and driving

A Virginia-based company is working on a radar gun that will detect texts sent by those driving. The device, however, is awaiting legislative approval before it can be produced for use.

FUTURE TECH September 20, 2014

New California law requires motorists to leave 3-foot buffer when passing bicyclists

Bicyclists on California roads will feel safer thanks to a new state law that requires drivers to maintain a 3-foot distance. The new law will come into effect from Tuesday, Sept. 16, and aims to promote cyclist safety.

Life September 16, 2014

Navdy makes driving high-tech, safer. Here's how it works

The Navdy is a portable heads-up display that connects with smartphones to show all the things that the driver needs, keeping the hands of the driver on the wheel at all times.

FUTURE TECH August 7, 2014

Miracle! Flying ax narrowly misses beheading car passenger

A woman just escaped death by a whisker after a flying ax breaks through the windshield of her car and lands on her dashboard.

Society August 2, 2014

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