The launch of the much-awaited phone from Microsoft, the rumored Surface Phone, seems to be delayed again.

Reports say that the Surface Phone may launch in 2019 as the company is channeling all its efforts into developing another device.

If rumors are to be believed, then this new phone that Microsoft is working on will be an addition to the company's Lumia smartphone lineup.

Lumia Phone 2017

A new report reveals that Microsoft is leaving no stone unturned to build this supposed Lumia smartphone. It is expected that this mysterious handset from Microsoft may debut this year itself.

It comes as a surprise why Microsoft would look to replenish this line, especially with its parting ways with Nokia. Rumors that Microsoft was working on an advanced Lumia handset emerged online in the past. However, this assertion never saw the light of day.

The Lumia line was held back under Microsoft according to reports, due to the dearth of popular apps and novel services. Because of these setbacks, the Windows Phone line which was struggling to find favor with consumers was further pushed to the back burner.

Owing to the falling market share and dismal performance of its Windows Phones, tech experts opined that Microsoft would need to reassess its approach to stay afloat.

Microsoft has been rumored to have a top-end device in the works, which could be potentially a game changer. Whether the device in question is the Surface Phone or the new Lumia handset is still unknown.

It is not known when Microsoft will reveal the new Lumia smartphone. No details of the device's alleged specs and features are available either.

Setback For Surface Phones

Microsoft is still working on the Surface Phone, which will reportedly come in three variants. However, some reports have hinted that the company may cancel the said device due to the dismal performance of the Windows platform. The future of the smartphone looks bleak but some rumors hint at a delay in its release, possibly 2018, and not a cancellation.

This rumored handset is said to sport a 5.5-inch display, with the business variant having a 6-inch screen. Rumors also suggest that it could house Intel's 14nm Kaby Lake processor or Qualcomm's Snapdragon 835 CPU. The enterprise version of the handset may have 6 GB of RAM, whereas the consumer version will have 4 GB of RAM.

The Surface Phone could also be equipped with a fingerprint sensor, as well as the Surface Pen. The device may start at the $750 mark.

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