One of Microsoft's much-awaited products is its rumored Surface Phone. Windows Phone fans have put all their hopes on this handset, and Microsoft would be optimistic that the rumored Surface Phone brings back consumer interest to its devices.

It was reported earlier that Microsoft may unveil a Windows 10 supported phone in 2017, but this device may not be the much talked about Surface Phone, which is reportedly under development by Surface creator Panos Panay.

Microsoft has been unusually tight lipped regarding the Surface Phone and has provided absolutely no information regarding the alleged handset. It has only hinted that it may be developing an "ultimate mobile device." Nevertheless, judging by latest assertions, the Surface Phone will unlikely launch in 2017.

New reports have come up confirming earlier rumors and state that the rumored Surface Phone may rival iPhone 9, the successor of the iPhone 8s, which points to a possible 2019 debut for the Microsoft smartphone.

Surface Phone Rumored Launch Date

Given that there has been no information regarding the Surface Phone, it is advisable to take this news with a pinch of salt.

Rumors are rife that the Surface Phone could launch in 2018 or may even get unveiled in 2019. Microsoft apparently may need more time to finish developing the much-awaited phone, which was originally supposed to launch in 2016.

Previously, it was also rumored that the 2016 Surface Phone launch may get delayed to late 2016. With no sign of the handset in 2016, there are murmurs that the smartphone may debut in spring 2017 or end of this year.

As the supposed launch date inches closer, rumors have again started surfacing that the debut of the Surface Phone may be pushed back to late 2018 or early 2019.

Interest in Windows Phones are already at an all-time low, and if Microsoft for real decides to release the rumored Surface Phone in 2019, it may be too little too late as IDS has hinted that Windows Phones' market share could drop to 0.0 percent by 2021.

Thus, by the time the Surface Phone comes out, Microsoft may have no customers to buy the product.

Predicted Rivals

If the Surface Phone debuts in 2019, it may pose as a rival to the iPhone 9. Apple is all set to release its 10th anniversary iPhone, dubbed the iPhone 8 or "iPhone Edition" this year.

It is believed that similar to the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus, which preceeded the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus, the 2017 model will be followed by the iPhone 8s in 2018. This naming convention suggests that the iPhone 9 will be the 2019 model.

With the iPhone 9 debuting in 2019, it could well lock horns with the Surface Phone.

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