Strep throat infection is a contagious disease, which is caused by a bacteria known as streptococcus.

The symptoms of this disease are swelling in the throat, difficulty in consuming food, red-colored throat with white patches, severe headaches, and sudden bouts of high fever. These indications of strep infections are mainly mild and can be treated, but there are certain kinds of extreme cases that may lead to severe complications.

The Tennessee Incident

A common case of strep throat infection turned into a life-threatening fatality for Shelby Smith, who is living in Knoxville, Tennessee.

In January this year, Smith had been affected by throat infection. She consulted a doctor as her entire body was shaking and her lips had turned blue.

She did not have any idea that she was suffering from a septic shock, and her throat, along with vital organs, began to shut down. To save the organs from failing, Smith was kept in a medically induced coma by doctors.

Unfortunately, the medicine that was given to her to redirect the flow of blood to her organs stopped the blood flow in her toes and hands, turning them black.

Since the blood circulation stopped in her fingers and toes, to avoid matters from worsening, doctors decided to amputate her thumb and all the fingers on her right hand, the index finger in her left hand, and two toes in her left foot.

"These cases are rare. Few hundred cases a year in the U.S. I'd say this is one of the most life-threatening illnesses that we see as far as a bacterial infection," said Dr. Jeffry King, who treated Smith.

The doctor also stated that it was a kind of infection that is very hard to be detected and that Smith had a very aggressive form of strep throat infection.

Similar Case Of Strep Throat Infection

A similar incident had taken place in Grand Rapids, Michigan, where Kevin Breen's strep throat infection led to the amputation of his hands, fingers, and toes. Like Smith, Breen also went into septic shock and developed a rash on his chest. This led to the doctors identifying it as a rare case of strep throat infection.

The difference between the two severe cases of strep throat infection and other common cases is that in all other cases, the bacteria stays in the throat. However, in these two cases, the bacteria reached other organs of the body through the bloodstream.

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