Hotels are overflowing with advance bookings and restaurants are gearing up for a tremendous weekend. Such is the buzz in Nebraska.

With five months to go for the Great American Eclipse, the state is prepping for the mega celestial event.

When Is The Eclipse Occurring?

The total solar eclipse will be witnessed on Aug. 21, but cities like Beatrice and other towns in Nebraska are already gaining a lot of tourist attention. This is because the state will be one of the prime locations for viewing the eclipse in the entire country.

Eclipse enthusiasts are expected to congregate in thousands to view the first total solar eclipse in 99 years. The Nebraska Tourism Commission is expecting 4,000 to 10,000 people at the viewing points across Nebraska.

Why Is Nebraska A Hotspot?

Nebraska has 74 percent favorable conditions for viewing the eclipse. This combined with Nebraska's characteristic open, clear skies, and genial hospitality make it an extremely popular destination for viewing the eclipse.

The smooth roads and highways, which will fall directly under the moon's shadows, will allow viewers to witness the great sight. There is also the scope of shifting locations, in case one's line of vision is blocked.

Interstate highway number 80, from mile marker 152, all the way to Lincoln, will be in the eclipse's path. In total, the roadways will mount up to 251 miles.

Great American Eclipse has touted the Nebraska Sandhills as the fourth best place to view the eclipse from.

How Huge Is The Hype?

Demand for hotels, bed and breakfasts, and transport vehicles have increased tenfold. Tents and camping gear have also attracted a lot of bookings and sales.

The eclipse will cut through Nebraska on a Monday. This has created a weekend getaway for many, as people will look to utilize the three days for traveling, attending seminars, and viewing the eclipse.

Universities from all over the United States are roping in scientists to establish observation camps in the state. Experienced eclipse chasers have predicted that the town of Alliance, which has a strength of 8,500, should be prepared to handle an excess of 10,000 visitors during the eclipse weekend.

What Measures Are Being Taken To Meet The Demand?

Hotels and trailer parks have been booked well in advance, and the local authorities are planning to add another 800 to 1,000 camping sites. Additional temporary toilets are scheduled to be installed. Even grocery stores are planning to maximize their stock, in a bid to prepare for the grand event.

Nebraska, therefore, is set to prosper from the event and looks to charm everyone with its hospitality during the Great American Eclipse.

Visit the official tourism website of Nebraska, for more details on the event.

Photo: David Paleino | Flickr

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