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South Pacific, Parts Of South America Set To Witness Total Solar Eclipse

Another total solar eclipse is bound to give some people an incredible experience. Now, those in the South Pacific will have the chance to witness the unique sky event.

Feature | Science July 2, 2019

Something Weird Happens To Bees In The Middle Of A Solar Eclipse

Bees did something weird during the Great American Eclipse of 2017. The discovery was made by researchers from the University of Missouri, with the help of elementary school children and volunteers.

Animals October 11, 2018

Amazon Faces Lawsuit Over Fake Solar Eclipse Glasses

A couple claimed to have suffered headaches and eye problems after using the eclipse glasses manufactured by American Paper Optics and sold by Amazon. The lawsuit claims the plaintiffs did not receive the recall notice.

Space September 5, 2017

Missed The 2017 Solar Eclipse? US To Witness One In 2024

Eclipse chasers will not have to wait another century for another total solar eclipse. Some major U.S. cities will witness another total eclipse in April 2024.

Feature | Science August 25, 2017

What Should You Do With Your Solar Eclipse Glasses? Here Are A Few Do's And Don'ts

With the the phenomenon having come and gone, many are wondering what to do with their solar eclipse glasses. Here are a few do's and don'ts for the special eyewear.

Earth/Environment August 22, 2017

Can't Get Hold Of Solar Eclipse Glasses? Make Your Own Pinhole Projector Instead

Safe solar eclipse glasses are getting harder to find. Pinhole projectors are an easy alternative to solar eclipse glasses and you can make them using household items.

Feature | Science August 19, 2017

Google Will Launch Android O After The Total Solar Eclipse On Aug. 21: Rumors Say It's Android Oreo

Google will officially unveil Android O on Aug. 21, right after the highly anticipated total solar eclipse. According to new rumors, the next major version of the mobile operating system will indeed be named Android Oreo.

Google August 19, 2017

Solar Eclipse 2017 Will Have Effect On Your Pets

Don't be surprised if your pets and other animals suddenly behave strangely during the Great American Total Solar Eclipse on Aug. 21. Some may hide, suddenly disappear, or even fall out of trees.

Animals August 11, 2017

Want To Be A Citizen Scientist For Total Solar Eclipse 2017? Here’s How

NASA urges the public to be citizen scientists for a day during the total solar eclipse 2017. All one needs is a smartphone, a thermometer, and to download the free GLOBE Observer app to be part of the initiative.

Space July 25, 2017

Here’s How To Witness The Total Solar Eclipse While Inside Your House

There are alternate ways to watch total solar eclipse 2017 if one is not inside the path of totality or not keen on joining the thick crowds outside. Here are some, including live eclipse broadcast from NASA.

Space July 10, 2017

Here Is The Reason Total Eclipse Happens Rarely

The Great American Eclipse happening in August has already caused a great hype across the continent. Find out what makes the celestial event so rare.

Feature | Science July 7, 2017

NASA Rocket Forms Dazzling Red And Blue-Green Clouds In The Sky

After several delays, the mid-Atlantic coast’s early morning sky was filled with luminescent artificial clouds Thursday, June 29, as a NASA sounding rocket launched. Learn more about the dazzling display and what the experiment is for.

Space June 30, 2017

Airline Charters Flight To Give Passengers Best View Of The Great American Eclipse

An airline will give select astronomy enthusiasts and guests the first and possibly the best views of the total solar eclipse on Aug. 21. Two seats for the charter flight will also be given away.

Space June 29, 2017

2 Million Free Eclipse Glasses To Be Distributed To US Skywatchers

Public libraries will be distributing more than 2 million pairs of free eclipse glasses for the Great American Eclipse that will sweep over the nation on Aug. 21. Get the details on this initiative and how to get solar viewing glasses for yourself.

Space June 27, 2017

Watching The Great American Eclipse Can Cause Blindness: Where To Buy Solar Eclipse Glasses To Protect The Eyes

Many are excited about the Great American Eclipse that will happen on Aug. 21. To enjoy the phenomenon better, its best to be prepared with the proper solar eclipse glasses.

Space June 24, 2017

How To Best Experience The Great Total Solar Eclipse

The Great American Total Solar Eclipse is happening on Aug. 21 across the United States. Here are some tips on how to make the most of the experience.

Feature | Science June 17, 2017

Total Solar Eclipse 2017: It's Fast Approaching, And Here's How You Can Experience It

A total solar eclipse will sweep across the continental United States on Aug. 21. Learn more about this rather mysterious natural phenomenon and the simulator called the Eclipse Megamovie Project.

Earth/Environment June 13, 2017

Total Solar Eclipse Proved Einstein's General Theory Of Relativity

Albert Einstein was relatively unknown when he published his papers that introduced the theory of relativity in 1915. An experiment conducted during the May 1919 total solar eclipse changed that.

Space May 31, 2017

US Postal Service To Issue Solar Eclipse Stamp That Changes Images When Touched

For the first time, the U.S. Postal Service used thermochromic ink on a stamp so the image changes once heated by the touch of the finger. Here's how to get the Total Eclipse of the Sun stamp.

Space May 29, 2017

Total Solar Eclipse In US: Here's Why Nebraska Is Getting Popular With Tourists

Nebraska is set to become a tourist hotspot, as it could host several thousands of people for the Great American Eclipse. Preparations for the event are in full swing in the state so as to accommodate the deluge of visitors.

Space March 21, 2017

Total Solar Eclipse To Cross US First Time In 99 Years

Come August, the United States will be witnessing its first total solar eclipse in 99 years. The eclipse will be visible completely in some parts of the country and partially in other regions on Aug. 21.

Earth/Environment March 17, 2017

2017 To Offer First Total Solar Eclipse Visible From Continental US In 40 Years

Next year, 12 million Americans will have the direct opportunity to see a total solar eclipse, a very rare event. However, it is important for viewers not to forget to protect their eyes while enjoying the phenomenon.

Space December 29, 2016

What's An Annular Solar Eclipse And When Is The Next One?

People in equatorial Africa will witness the spectacular annular solar eclipse on Sept. 1. A beautiful 'ring of fire' will be visible on the sky as the moon glides in front of the sun on the day.

Space September 1, 2016

Great American Eclipse: Where To Best Watch The Total Solar Eclipse Of 2017

There are still several months to go before a total solar eclipse occurs, but areas in the United States within the path of totality are already gearing up for visitors. Here's what's in store during the Great American Eclipse.

Earth/Environment April 25, 2016

Missed The Solar Eclipse? Watch The Period Of Totality In This NASA Video

People who may have missed out on seeing the solar eclipse this week can watch the event unfold in its totality through NASA video on YouTube. The clip shows as the moon moves in front of the sun, effectively blocking out its rays.

Space March 10, 2016

Southeast Asia To Witness Total Solar Eclipse On Tuesday: Here's How To Watch Online

Southeast Asia will witness the total solar eclipse on Tuesday. People all over the world, however, can also view the spectacular event online, thanks to websites providing live stream.

Space March 7, 2016

NASA To Provide Live Coverage Of Indonesia's Total Solar Eclipse

NASA and the Exploratorium Science Center in San Francisco collaborated to bring live TV coverage-webcast of the total solar eclipse in Indonesia. Learn about the space agency's activities around this celestial spectacle from March 8 to 9.

Space March 5, 2016

Total Solar Eclipse To Occur March 8 and 9: When And Where To Watch

Residents in Australia, Southeast Asia and East Asia will get to experience a total solar eclipse on March 8 and 9. For those who want to witness this sky event, it is important to protect your eyes from the harmful rays of the sun.

Space March 2, 2016

Southeast Asia To See Total Solar Eclipse In March: NASA

Parts of Southeast Asia are in for a treat as a total solar eclipse is about to happen in March. Other regions in Asia and the Pacific will also experience partial solar eclipse.

Space February 17, 2016

Top Reasons To Look Up Into The Sky In 2016: Meteor Showers, Eclipses And Supermoon

Fans of astronomical events are in for a treat as 2016 is expected to be filled with a number of celestial spectacles the whole year round. From meteor showers to solar and lunar eclipses, these events are sure to give stargazers and meteor hunters something to look forward to.

Space December 29, 2015

US To See First Total Eclipse In Almost 40 Years in 2017: Time To Start Preparing

The shadow path of a total eclipse will sweep through the heart of the 48 continuous states. Millions of American will be in the path of totality for the unique cosmic event.

August 24, 2015

Britain's Solar Power Industry Worried About Impending Solar Eclipse

With a total solar eclipse on the way, Britain's solar power industry is bracing for the worst.

Energy March 9, 2015

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