These Are The Top Celebrity Twitter Fails Of The Week


It has been quite a week for Twitter controversies, but what would the social media platform be without viral memes and constant celebrity trolling? It seems like Hollywood A-listers will never learn that the Twitter-verse is not always full of loving fans.

Thankfully Kim K's naked photos did not really break the Internet, but just in case you missed the social media drama, check out our roundup of all the epic celebrity Twitter takedowns.

Let the #fails begin!

1. Backfired on Bill

Bill Cosby was Twitter's first victim this week. On Monday, The Cosby Show actor asked fans to meme him using a a generator on his website. Twitter exploded with #CosbyMeme(s) that blasted the 77-year-old comedian for sexual assault allegations from the '70s. Cosby later removed the generator and the original tweet, but trolls continued to create memes. I guess Bill Cosby learned that it's probably not the best idea to ask people to "meme you" if you are facing sexual assault allegations. 

2. Dr. Oz was a long way from Kansas  

After trolls grilled him on Tuesday, Dr. Mehmet Oz may be saying there is no place like his TV home. He became Twitter's second celebrity victim after the doc tweeted, "What is your biggest question for me?" Using the hashtag #OzInbox, trolls took the opportunity to blast Dr. Oz over his recent controversy surrounding his promotion of weight loss products that don't work. Not only did Twitter trolls show TV's doc no love, but real doctors slammed him as well. 

3. Lorde rules in epic Twitter diss

Taylor Swift sure has some royally loyal friends. Lorde defended her friend by making an epic diss to Katy Perry's boyfriend Diplo after he tweeted that a Kickstarter campaign should be created to "give Swift a booty." Lorde responded by hitting the DJ below the belt. Perry is a known sworn nemesis of Swift, with Swift writing the song "Bad Blood" about her. The two also share an ex, John Mayer. Seems like Lorde knows how to stand up for her friends. Epic #fail for Diplo. Shake it off T-Swift, let the haters hate.

4. Kim Kardashian breaks the Internet

In an attempt to #BreakTheInternet on Thursday, Kim Kardashian's naked and oily derriere went viral. However, Kim K was also the butt of many jokes. The photo, which graced the cover of Paper magazine's Winter 2014 Issue, sparked many epic memes. Some popular memes included a horse, Bruce Willis' head, husband Kayne West and Rosetta's Philae lander.

Images were later released of Kardashian West baring it all in a full frontal photos, and then the Internt exploded. You could not go anywhere without reading and seeing the photos. 

5. New England Patriots contest fumble What a bad play

When the New England Patriots became the first NFL team to reach a million followers, they decided to hold a contest, giving a away an avatar jersey for fans using #1MillionPatriots. But the contest backfired in an epic Twitter fail. The now-deleted tweet showed the winner of the contest had a racist Twitter handle. The tweet went viral, proving to be an extreme social media fumble.

6. Instagram Jokes

The Internet was exploding with viral memes this week, all at the expense of the rich and famous. And while Kim's butt was able to break the Internet, her sister Khloe stirred controversy on Instagram. Khloe posted a meme on the photo sharing site, insensitively poking fun of her and her sister's romantic inclinations. The post has since been deleted.

7. Purple hair Glory

But the best celebrity social media dog troll of the week award goes to Snoop Dogg. The hip-hop icon posted a photo of his rapper and nephew Wiz Khalifa's new purple hair. Snoop nailed Wiz's new look by posted a photo of a dog wearing a purple hat. It was so epic, even 50 cent regrammed it. #Win.

I can't stop laughing oh shit, I'm starting to cry.snoop put this shit up.

A photo posted by 50 Cent (@50cent) on Nov 11, 2014 at 4:38pm PST

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